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How to add tolerances in SolidWorks drawing?

Geometric Dimensioning and tolerance is a very important feature in any software. In SolidWorks, you can either add Tolerance in a part of an assembly file or can add it to the 2D sheet. We get the freedom to choose when to add tolerance in any part.

Tolerance is a very important part of any drawing and plays a very crucial role in Manufacturing. Hence, knowing the steps to add tolerances to any drawing sheet is necessary. The types of tolerances in SolidWorks are NoneBasicBilateralLimitSymmetricMINMAXFitFit with tolerance, or Fit (tolerance only).

In this article, you will learn how to add tolerances in SolidWorks drafting. By default, you get values in a two-dimensional place.

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The steps to add the tolerance in SolidWorks are as follows:

  1. Click on Insert -> “Model items”.
  2. Now under Model Items Property manager go to ->Dimension.
  3. Then Uncheck-> Marked for drawing.
  4. And Select->Tolerance dimensions.
  5. Now click ok.

Tolerances are used to ensure that the final product is usable, particularly if it is part of a larger assembly. Since each fabrication method has some level of inaccuracy. The correct tolerance value is important for better product accuracy. Hence making the assignment of tolerance important in any 2D drawing.