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Need for Symbols in drawing


In Design engineering, the part or components are designed with specific dimensions. The dimensions can be considered or taken reference from the existing part. These dimensions need to be drawn in technical drawings of the parts, components, or assembly. As these drawings are studied by the manufacturer before manufacturing the parts, or components. So, the dimensioning needs to be done in a way that the manufacturer is able to read it and understand it properly.

Dimensioning the drawing or giving annotation is a part of technical drawing. This annotation may contain text, Symbols or numbers, or a combination of these. The symbols represent certain parameters and dimensional properties. For Example when we give dimension to a circular slot, hole, or cylinder the radius is represented by capital R. Followed by the numerical dimension. Similarly, the diameter in measurement capital D or ⌀ symbol is seen followed by the numerical value.

Inserting Diameter symbol

We can add symbols from the symbol library to

  • Annotation notes
  • Weld symbols
  • Datum Features
  • Dimension text
  • Geometric tolerances

1. Adding the Diameter Symbol to the Dimension text

  • First open the file and give dimensions using Smart Dimensions.

  • Click on the dimensions.
  • You will see the Diameter symbol in the Property Manager.

  • Click on the diameter symbol and the symbol will be added before the dimensional text.

2. Adding the Diameter Symbol to the Text Note

  • Create, Insert, or select the note to which you want to add a symbol.
  • Double-click on the note. Place the pointer in the text where you want the symbol to be inserted.

  • In the Note Property Manager, look for Text Format. Expand Add Symbol and then click More Symbols.

  • Select the diameter symbol available and then press OK. Then add the numerical value of the diameter along with the SI unit.

3. Adding the Diameter Symbol to geometric tolerances

  • Insert geometric tolerance to the drawing.

  • Double click on the geometric tolerance and click on the Range.
  • Click on the Diameter symbol and click OK.

In this way, we can add the symbols to the drawing. We can insert any symbol available in the symbol design library. Moreover, we can change the symbol or remove the symbol in a similar way.

Adding or inserting symbols makes the technical drawing many times. Many times the drawing of the parts is added to the front view or side view. In this view sometimes the circular profile is not seen as it is and it is seen as a rectangle or square. So, to define the shape symbols are added.

This figure is an example of the problem that manufacturers face while reading the drawing.