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The use of Deform Feature is very simple. If you need to alter any geometry i.e., solid, surface models we can use this feature. Deform is great for creating design concepts or making geometric modifications. It changes complex models that would take too long to do using a typical sketch, feature, or history editing. There are three types of deform options available in SolidWorks are follows:

  • Point
  • Curve to curve
  • Surface push

To use this feature simply go to insert>feature>deform 

In this example, we will be using the point deform option. 

Steps to use deform are as follows:

  1. As soon as you click on the deform option, deform window opens in the property manager.
  2. Choose the “Point” option.
  3. Now select the vertex or edge to deform.


  1. Now click on Ok to confirm the deformation.

Note: This is just deformation based on the point method. For the Other two simply choose the surface and curve along with the deformation direction.

Usage of deform feature in SolidWorks is generally based upon the requirement. The above steps make the reason clear as to why using the point method deform feature. For the other two, you need to know when to use those.

Curve to Curve: Curve to curve deformation is a more accurate way to change complex shapes. You change objects by mapping geometry from initial curves to a collection of destination curves, which can be sets of curves, edges, section curves, sketch curves, and so on.

Surface push: By displacing (pushing) target body surfaces with tool body surfaces, deform alters their surfaces. You can either use a pre-built tool body, such as a polygon or sphere or create your own.