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SolidWorks has a very wide application when it comes to CAD modelling. With its different features, it is an all-around software. Out of all features, a few unique features like flex and deform prove to be very handy. Users generally prefer features like loft and sweep for a complicated geometry. Apart from the fore-mentioned features flex can be an excellent feature to use. Flex feature can be an easy and simple method to make twisted and complex geometries. Here we will learn the steps to use the flex feature. We shall be using simple geometry and will be using a twisting operation.

Note:  In the flex feature we have a total of four operations i.e.,  Bending, Twisting, Tapering, and Stretching. Hard edge options are always selected while performing flex features for separating the operations. 

  1. First, we need to make a simple rectangle geometry and extrude it.
  2. Now go to insert and take courser to features and choose the flex option.
  3. As soon as the flex option is chosen a window is opened in the property manager.
  4. Choose the body to perform flex operation.
  5. Select the angle of the twist and click okay. **Here hard edges option is unticked.

The final geometry is as follows:

We also performed a second operation with hard edges options ticked and the result was as follows

The marked edge is the result of “hard edges”.