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How to show dimensions in a SolidWorks part?

Dimensions and constraints are critical in SolidWorks parts.  Fully defined sketches ensure that entities do not move when moving sketches around. They also ensure faces and edges are not moved by mate conditions at assembly level.

In an Active Sketch

When in an active sketch, ensure that dimension visibility is on. Select “View” – “Hide / Show”, ensure Sketch Dimensions is selected. Alternatively, use the “Eye” symbol from the View (Heads-up) menu direct from the graphics area.

Figure 1 – Settings to set dimensions as visible.

From a Part/Assembly

To show feature dimensions outside of a sketch, right click on Annotations from the Design Tree and select “Show Feature Dimensions”. Dimensions can be hidden individually by right clicking and selecting “Hide”. If the dimension relates to a feature (extrude length), select the feature to display the dimensions and right click the hidden dimension and click “Show”. To show hidden sketch dimensions, do the same but select the sketch first.

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Part Geometry Hiding Dimensions

Check that the above settings are correct. If the dimensions for a feature still do not show, confirm they are not hidden by the part itself. The dimensions shown in the image below are hidden by the part.

Figure 2 – Dimension visibility obstructed by part geometry.