Home » How to hide dimensions in SolidWorks drawings?

There are two ways to hide dimensions in SolidWorks. This tutorial will cover how hide dimensions using “hide / show” and making use of layers.


Select “View” – “Hide / Show” and select Annotations. Select the dimension(s) to toggle visibility on or off, hidden dimensions are grey.

Dimensions can also be hidden by selecting “Hide” from the right click menu. Use hide / show to set them back to visible.


Another option is to use layers. Enable the layers toolbar if it is not already enabled. To enable the layers toolbar, right click on the command manager and select layer.

Begin by selecting the dimensions to hide, set them to a layer that is turned off. Turn on the layer to reset visibility of the dimensions, either move the dimensions back to their original layer or keep the current layer turned on. Use this method to hide selected dimensions.

If annotations and dimensions are automatically assigned to a layer, turn off the desired layer. This will hide all dimensions or annotations that have been placed on that layer. To show these annotations or dimensions turn the layer back on.

Figure 1 – Layers on, Left. Annotations & Welds off, right.

Automatically assign layers, to an individual annotation or the group, by editing the document properties of the drawing template.