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What is Sketch Relation in Solidworks?

Sketch Relation from name clearly says the relation within the sketch or sketches. These are green signs that show relations are the connections between two or more entities in the sketch. Like the relation of two lines, two curves, shapes or geometry, or any of the combinations. Some relations which can be seen are, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, Incident lines, mirrors, fixed, concentric, coincident, etc.

While creating sketches for modeling it is important to have relations within the sketches. The sketches with relations are constrained. The sketch is fully constrained by giving the dimensions and parameters. This way if any parameter is changed in the future by breaking one constraint other will reactions will hold their property. The sketch relations are visible next to the line and highlight the sketch in relation. Only symbols of the relation are visible in the graphics area.

Hide Sketch Relation in Solidworks

If you don’t know what that symbol is or want to know what relations two or more entities share just click on the symbol. While creating a detailed sketch and giving relations can cover the graphics area. This may cause distraction or irritation to the user. We have the option to Hide or See the Sketch relation.

In order to Hide the Sketch Relation in Solidworks go to,

View > Hide / Show > Sketch Relations. 

There is one shortcut also to hide these relations. In View Head-Up, Click on the icon which resembles an eye. Under that icon, you will see one option of View Sketch relation. By clicking on this you can hide and unhide the sketch relation.

To activate View Heads-Up, Right-Click in the Command manager empty area. Then go to Toolbar and select View (Heads-Up).

In property manager, you can read properly the type of relationship and the sketch which has that relation. Double Click on the green relation symbol. You can also delete the relation form here by directly selecting the symbol and pressing Delete Key.

Hiding relations gives the user flexibility to see the relation only when you select the line or curve.