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In SolidWorks making a spring is a very simple and easy task.  We will focus on the steps needed to make a spring in SolidWorks.

The steps needed are as follows:

  1. Start by opening a new part file.
  2. Make a line in the front plane as shown. The dimension of the line should be equal to the height of the spring.
  3. Now make a circle in the front plane in another sketch. Keep in mind that the dimension of the circle will be following the spring dimension.
  4. Exit the sketch and choose the sweep option.
  5. Now choose the sketches and go to “options”.
  6. Keep the profile orientation as “Follow path”. Also, choose the Profile Twist as “Specify twist value”.
  7. As soon as you choose to Specify twist value, the Twist control option appears in the drop-down choose ” Revolutions”.
  8. After selecting the revolutions in direction 1 enter the number of spirals needed.
  9. You will see the preview of the spring.

Here is the final spring in SolidWorks. This is the easiest method to make a spring. You can also use other methods like helix function but that would be a complex method.

Note: Keep in mind this method will only make a spring with a constant pitch. If you have to make a spring with the variable pitch you need to look for other methods