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The hinge is a mechanical component. You can easily find this component around you. The most common application of hinges is doors windows etc. To make a 3d model of a hinge you need to make separate parts and then assemble them into one single component. The hinge that we will make will be symmetrical. We will first make the hinge plate, followed by the center rod.

The steps to make the hinge plate are as follows:

  1. Select a plane to make a sketch. (the top plane in this case )
  2. Then make a center rectangle according to the dimension.
  3. Now extrude the sketch according to the dimension.
  4. As soon as you have extruded the rectangle, choose the side face as a sketch plane.
  5. On the sketch plane make concentric circles.
  6. Extrude the circle and make a slot.
  7. Then use the pattern to repeat the slots.

The final Hinge plate looks like the one below.

Now we will make the center rod according to the dimension of the slot. For the rod simply make a circle and extrude it to the length of the hinge.

Now we will assemble the parts to get the final hinge. The steps to assemble the Hinge are as follows:

  • Open the Assembly file and import the hinge plate. Make sure it is fixed/ grounded.
  • After that you need to import another hinge plate. To import simply click on “Insert Component”
  • Then we need to mate the two plates.
  • As soon as you have imported it give a coincident mate with the face of the slots.
  • Followed by coincident mate give an angle limit mate.
  • Thirdly you need to fully define the mate for plates.
  • As soon as plates are mated together import the rod and mate it with the assembly.
  • Simply, give concentric mates and restrict its motions.
  • Once every part is mated together we are done with assembly.

The final hinge is completed and looks as in the picture below

Note: The mates used in the process are as shown in the picture. You can use other mating methods, but the below is the simplest.