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Where is custom properties folder in SolidWorks is a common question that arises when you start to use custom properties template for the first time. This is how you can find it:

Go to this options icon on the top of your screen


Go to File Locations from System Options screen that opened


Find the Custom Property Files from the drop-down menu

The folder location will be displayed


If you click the Edit All button you can access the list of all important SolidWorks folders.



On the screen that opens you can find Custom Property Files location which you can copy/paste to your Windows Explorer of other file manager to get to that location quickly

Hope this was helpful to you to easily find the folder where custom property template files are located.


You can also find you custom properties on a SolidWorks task pane on the right hand side of your screen. Just go to the selected icon in red.


If you don’t have your custom properties setup, you will see the screen like this. This means you need to copy the custom property templates to this folder or create a new ones.



To view current custom properties you have for your SolidWorks part go to this icon from the top of your screen

There you will find your Custom and Configuration Specific custom properties that you have for your part


Here you can also edit/update the custom property values or create a new custom property if you need one. Custom properties apply to the part as a whole and configuration specific ones as the name implies, apply to each specific configuration separately.