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What is a Design library?


SolidWorks design library consists of pre-designed components and fasteners which can be used in the assembly. We can say that it is a location where you will find the parts, sketches, and assemblies. Under the Design library from the task pane, you will get three options Design library, Toolbox, and Solidworks Content under which there is one option of 3d Components -part Supply.

Design library

The design library consists of many sub-folders which contain items that can be reused. Folders containing annotations, assemblies, features, forming tools, motion, parts, routing, and smart components. These components can be dragged and dropped while designing, assembling, or drawing.


This folder contains the sub-folders of fasteners with the standard dimensions. According to the standards used in different countries, the folders are created. The fasteners like Nut, Bolts, washers, gears, pully, UV, etc.

Solidworks content

The last option contains content for blocks, circuit works, Routing, and Weldments. Similar to the last options you will get redesigned and reusable designs for the design. You just have to drag and drop the component into the graphics area.

Design Library Tools

  • Add to the library – You can add contents to the design library by going to this option and selecting the components.
  • Add File Location – This helps to open the file in the design library so that you can assess then quickly and if needed you can drag and drop it onto the graphics area.
  • Create New Folder – This option lets you add the folder in a specific location of the design library. You can create your folder in the library which can contain parts that you use more often.
  • Refresh – This just refreshed the library and updates the changes or shows the file when added to the library.
  • Up one level – This lets you navigate up to the previous folder or parent folder.
  • Configure Toolbox –  Displays and activates the toolbox.

If you have created a design library of your own you can add that to the design library. This way the design library will show that folder only.

Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations. This way you can specify the folders for the design library.


Using Design Library

  • You can drag the file from the design library into the graphics area.
  • To add components to the design library you have to select the folder and then click on Add file to the library. then you select the component and click ok. We can create our folder as discussed above.
  • You can add any number of files to the library but one at a time.
  • To copy the assembly in the design library you have to select the assembly from the property manager then you can drag and drop it into the lower task pane.
  • To add annotation we have to hold the shift key and drag the annotation from the graphics area to the lower task pane.
  • We can also save the features in the design library. You can either drag it directly from the graphics area or you can drag it from the property manager tree.

Note: – If you made any changes or modifications to the item, that will automatically be updated in the design library.