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SolidWorks Toolbox


A toolbox is an option available in Solidworks to insert the fasteners, gears, bearings, etc. in the design. There are more than 2000 components available in the toolbox. These components are of standard sizes but we can also change the parameters. These standard sizes are according to the country’s standards.

To use this toolbox you just have to drag the component for the toolbox to the assembly or graphics area. The parts will snap onto the assembly part. A toolbox needs to be added in the Solidworks and this toolbox is used for adding fasteners. There is one option available in the SolidWorks assembly which is Gears. We use the option to add gears, fasteners, etc. the assembly. The gears available are of different types like Helical gear, internal sure gear, spur gear, straight bevel, etc.

This way we can add the required tools in a faster way and if need any specific type or standard of the component we can explore the tool tree and folders.


Adding toolbox in Solidworks.

There are two ways by which you can add the toolbox to the Solidworks assembly. For that in some cases, you have open the parts or sub-assembly so that the options will be enabled.

Click on the setting and from the drop-down select add-ins. Make sure to check the box of SolidWorks Toolbox Library. This way also you can add the toolbox.

Click on the Design Library for the Task Pane. Under the design library, you will see the Toolbox option. At the bottom, you will see “Add in now” click on it and the toolbox will be added.

Selecting the tools

When you add the toolbox you will see various folders showing the country flag and the standards. Open the folder of the standard which you want to use and select the type of component you want.

Using Gears in the toolbox

For selecting Gears go to Toolbox > ANSI Metric > Power Transmission > Gears > Select the required gear. Select and drag it to the shaft or the assembly.

The gear tries to snap to the shaft or the part automatically and mate concentric mate with it. If you don’t want to do that you can place it away from the assembly.

In Property Manager, you will see the Design properties of the gear which you can change according to the requirement. Properties like Module, Number of teeth, Pressure Angles, Face Width, Hub Style, Nominal Shaft Diameter, and Keyway type. Insert the required parameters and select the type and click on OK.

After Clicking on OK you will see another gear snap to the mouse pointer. This is the gear with updated properties if you want to use it again if not you can press the Esc button or Click on OK again in a property manager.

Now use Mate properties to assemble the gear with the shaft. In the same way, you can Insert different types of gears in the assembly.