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SolidWorks contains features that save time assembling components, some are: linear patterns, circular patterns and copy with mates. This tutorial will explore various methods for copying a part in a SolidWorks assembly.

Download the model from grabcad.com here.

Remove the shelves from level two and three. Apply a 50mm offset mate for the beams on the bottom row. Leave the beam on the third row as unconstrained.

Copy Within an Assembly


Without Mates

Use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste any item(s) selected in the model tree. Alternatively hold Ctrl while dragging the components into the graphics area.

Mates between components may be retained, but this depends on the components that were selected.

With Mates

Expand “Insert Components” to reveal “Copy with Mates”, use this to copy the beam up to the third row. Selecting repeat will reuse the mate reference from the previous instance. Repeat can be used for the first two mates, the same faces apply for mating the new beam. Change the reference for the distance mate, to the top face of the beam below. The new mate reference for coincident29 will be the top face of the beam on the third row.

After, copy both beams to the rear of the shelf. Omit the distance mate and coincident mate 49, as these will over-define the assembly. This is due to the longer beams having distance mates constraining them. For this step reuse the references for coincident mates 29.

Follow the same procedure for the shorter beams on the side. Afterwards, proceed to copying the wooden panel. After applying the first copy do not exit the command, continue selecting the references for the next instance.

Toolbox components are unique, fasteners can be placed directly into an assembly by selecting the edge of the hole. Hold Ctrl while dragging another instance of the fastener into the assembly, hovering over the edge of the hole reveals the same symbol when placing a toolbox component. This will insert the fastener into the hole.

Copy To Another Assembly

Select the components to copy and press Ctrl+C to copy the components. In the new assembly, click the origin and then press Ctrl+V to paste the components.

Alternatively, tile the assembly windows side by side. Then select the components to copy and drag them into the new assembly.

Items can be placed onto the origin, this will fix their position. In this case the front plane of the model is offset.

Select the assembly itself to copy it entirely, or choose individual items from the tree.