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In this article, we will learn how to use SolidWorks intersect tool.

CAD has changed the design process


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software helps experts to create more accurate design representations. CAD designing helps engineers to design more precise designs and any changes can be done virtually. It has almost replaced manual design drafting, and drawing, also allowing design iteration, modification, development, alteration, and optimization.

CAD designing increases productivity. The CAD software helps the manufacturer and developers to work in a faster way, and cut costs where required. Also, CAD designing reduces errors, If we compare manual drafting or designing with the CAD designing the CAD design will always be more precise.

Improving the quality of the product and you can also share the CAD files as there is also cloud-base software. We can see and say that CAD design has changed the design process.

Intersect Tool feature in Solidworks

This is one of the most powerful tools in Solidworks. This feature tool enables you to design complex shapes and geometry. This tool quickly combines surfaces, planes, and solid bodies. This way for creating a model you don’t have to use features like a surface command, multiple cut, trim, fill and knit features more often. This help to reduce the steps to generate that required shape.

You can merge solids that you can define with the intersect tool, or cap some surfaces to define closed volumes.

Regions to Extrude

The show included regions It displays the regions that you are including as solids and all other regions are hidden.

Show excluded regions This option displays the regions that you are excluding as transparent and all other regions are hidden.

Show both included and excluded regions In this both included and excluded regions are displayed. And Included regions appear as solids and excluded regions appear transparent.


Merge Results After clicking OK it forms the union of the included regions. All the touching regions will combine into one body. When not selected it creates a separate body for each included region.

Consume surfaces In this after clicking Ok, the surfaces will remove from the feature Manager design tree.

Using Intersect tool

First, you have to design the 3d model to which you have to create the intersecting regions, internal regions, or create both. Next, we have to draw the intersecting part, solid or plane.

Click on Features Tab and click on Intersecttool_intersect.gif in command Manager.

Under selection, we have to select the solids, surfaces, or planes which are intersecting.

Underneath selections, we have 3 options using which we can draw the intersecting region, internal region, or create both. After selecting any one click on Intersect.

In the property manager, you will see the region selection option, and if you like to merge the regions or not, consume surfaces. After selecting all the needed options click on OK.


Create Interesting Region Under selections you have this option which creates regions that intersect with each other.

Create Internal Region This option displays the internal region from a closed volume within the intersection of the sections. The internal

region should be hollow.

Create both This option shows both the interesting region and internal region. It displays the selection and creates interesting regions and internal regions.

Cap planer openings in surface This option automatically closes the opening of the flat surface when you click Intersect.