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Dassault Systemes is one of the leading providers in the CAD software market. Among numerous other products, Solidworks Composer is a very popular and useful software out there. To understand every aspect of Solidworks Composer, let us have a closer look at the software.

As we already know that Solidworks is a splendid tool that helps create 3D models, assemble them, and even convert them into 2D drawings. Technically, all the design activities from a geometric sketch to a complete finish model can be easily done on Solidworks. Now the question arises – What does Solidworks Composer do? The answer is quite simple.

Solidworks Composer is the tool that helps in improving, modifying, and detailing the already present 3D models to a design of our choice. It is an amazing software that works efficiently in creating 3D as well as 2D designs or models as per our wish.

Solidworks Composer is very user-friendly and does not require a lot of time to understand the commands and features. It uses data from the designs to create realistic animations and run simulations that sometimes strike off the necessity for building a prototype. It is also a great tool for procedure guides, manual pictures, maintenance booklets, and other similar infographics.


Advantages of Solidworks Composer


1. No Licence/ Requirement

Unlike much other software out there, Solidworks Composer does not need a license. This makes it easier to reach many more users than other software. In simple words, Solidworks Composer does not require a CAD license to run it on a system/computer. The straightforward reason behind this is that Solidworks Composer is a standalone software and therefore the need for a license to run it eliminates. No license requirement comes as a great relief to the users as there is much useful software that does not provide access without a CAD license. And the cost of licenses is quite high too.


2. Coexistence with Solidworks

This is one of the greatest advantages of Solidworks Composer which isn’t made a highlight by many pages. Its coexistence with Solidworks implies that the user can run Solidworks and Solidworks Composer simultaneously or alongside each other. So unlike other software, the user does not need to wait till their design is complete to start with the documentation. Instead, they can do it side by side. This might look like a very simple and basic plus point but when you work on the software it feels like a gift! Since many times, it becomes almost double the work as the designer first completes the design and then starts with the documentation from the beginning of the design process. This also increases the chances of missing out on some details. With this, let’s move on to the next advantage.


3. Content is Interactive

While designing a complex model, it becomes extremely important to navigate each and every part of the model through every angle and every bit. This is where Solidworks Composer comes in handy, yet again. Composer enables the user to reach every nook and corner of a part model as well as dive deeper into assemblies and sub-assemblies. Viewing individual assemblies and parts in a 3D view helps reduce the possibility of error and increases the degree of accuracy. There are also options for adding content and buttons between animations and static views.


4. Easy to understand and learn

Solidworks Composer is absolute perfection when it comes to being beginner friendly. It has a very subtle user interface. Also the features, commands, tools, etc are extremely straightforward making it quite easy to understand. Once the user starts understanding the features and slowly develops a grasp over the software, it becomes a swift process. Apart from being very easy to learn, Solidworks Composer also becomes a quick learning experience. As unrealistic as it may sound, there is no denying the fact that Composer becomes a priority software of the user base very quickly.


5. HTML and SVG Project Publication

Solidworks Composer provides a wide range for project publishing. This also includes SVG and HTML which makes it way easier to publish the project on web browsers. This feature completely eliminates the need for additional software for this task. With the help of this availability in Solidworks Composer, the whole process of accessing documents (technical), is very quick and easy. The free Composer Player can be embedded using ActiveX controls into an HTML file. This provides a whole 3D environment and also compatible formatting. On the other hand, the SVG output is easy to open in any given browser. It does not require ActiveX controls.


6. Output Content within seconds

This one is going to top the list of advantages, but we made a decision to save the best for last. What will be your reaction if we tell you that you no longer need to take individual screenshots of your model? You can just skip those frustrating hours of taking snippets of your model from different angles and at different stages which is very time-consuming. Exciting! Isn’t it? Solidworks Composer allows you to produce mass output content. This includes specific frames, animations, model views, and also a 360-degree view in a matter of seconds.


Choosing the Right package for you

There is a long list of various packages that are slightly different from each other. These include Solidworks Composer, Solidworks Composer Player Professional, Solidworks Composer Sync, Solidworks Composer Check, and Solidworks Composer Enterprise Sync. In order to choose the right one for yourself, you need to first list down your requirements and expectations from the software. The need of a designer can range from creating 2D and 3D models with minute details such as illustrations, graphical Content, images, etc. to creating many conversions of 3D models to other formats.

SolidWorks composer automatically update the changes which are made in the CAD file. Also the part material properties is displayed. This data is imported form the along with the CAD file. So designer doesn’t need to cross verify the data properties with other document. The controls are very much similar to that of solidworks. It is one of the best option available in the market to make animation or videos for explaining the design. With various option available which helps in creating an out standing and attractive video.