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What is Solidworks Visualize?


Solidworks Visualize is a commendable software that helps the user in turning their 3D models into realistic images of it. This magic happens with the help of rendering. Basically, Solidworks Visualize is a rendering tool. After the completion of a 3D model, the designer might want to know how it will look. Solidworks Visualize helps in rendering the 3D model with different kinds of materials or even in different colors. The materials and colors are according to the choice of the user and help in gaining a better understanding of the model. In addition to making photo-realistic images, Solidworks Visualize also eliminates the necessity of building a prototype. And also waiting till the completion of the manufacturing process to know what the final product will look like.

Graphics Card

While working with Nvidia, Solidworks Visualize uses CUDA core technology whereas, with AMD Pro Render, it renders cores to create images in a very short span of time. Even if require more power, you can easily add GPUs additionally to your current hardware.


1. Photorealistic

After creating a 3D model of a product using any CAD software a designer might want to know how it will look as a final product after manufacturing. Since the manufacturing process takes quite a long time and leaves no possibility of change to the product (at least for the sample) and so it is better for the 3D model into looking the same as it will after production. This gives the designer a chance to modify the design or even at or subtract any elements which they want to make it more aesthetically pleasing. These stunning images that Solidworks Visualize renders take a very short span of time, or we can even say that it is done within seconds.

2. Lighting

There are many designers out there who want to pay attention to final details which can only be brought to attention by using proper lighting. In order to view the model from different angles using different light perspectives. This is another key feature of Solidworks Visualize. In order to bring into focus my new details of the shading model, it is important to throw light from some specific angles making it understand where the need for modification is. Solidworks visualize can add light giving a great future detail of models and realistic outputs.


3. Animations

As a designer, it is quite obvious that you would have brought into perspective many things. These numerous are sometimes not feasible for you to explain just using a stationary 3D model with different angles. Sometimes it is important to add animations too. This is where Solidworks Visualize comes in handy. You can completely explain your design with the help of Solidworks Visualize by creating dynamic animation. This is an extraordinary feature and completely renders and animates your CAD data in any way that you want. Animations are no doubt a very easy and convenient way of explaining a design from every perspective and understanding how it will behave in a dynamic environment from start to finish. These animations are regulatory of explaining your designs to customers, investors, and anybody out there.

4. Render Queue

Long gone are the days when you had to wait for the paint to dry on your model or render to finish to understand how it will look after. With Solidworks Visualization you can easily line your designs in the Visualize Render queue. By using this amazing feature of Solidworks specialized you can line up your images and the software will render them along with your creative process going side by side. Breaking out your creative eye is now made easier with Queue Render. The designers can now work conveniently and publish multiple images at the same time for rendering comfortably. It says a lot of time and makes the process flow smoothly.

5. Sun Study

This unique feature of Solidworks Visualize helps the designer to dive deeper into the animation process. It is very captivating and stands out feature. And because of being so aesthetically pleasing the sun study animation just grabs the attention. The viewer, customer, or potential investor are impressed like nothing else. All you have to do is set up a time-lapse with a Sun Study for your product and watch the magic happen. The explanation of this feature lies in the name itself. Sun study is a quick and short setup that is of great help in viewing a product or model from sunrise to sunset. In other words, this feature shows how a product will look from day to night with the sun rays falling on it from different angles.

6. Visualize Boost and Power Boost

In order to offload rendering to one or multiple machines on a given network, it is best to use Solidworks Visualize Boost. This feature very conveniently frees up your hardware and makes it easier to continue working on visualizing or performing any other task. This feature helps a lot in utilizing the resources on multiple machines on a given network. All this is a part of live render mode in your viewport. This feature of solid works visualization helps in setting up your project and making any necessary changes to it a lot faster and more convenient.

7. VR/360 Interactive

As soon as we hear VR, our mind suddenly clicks a beat. What else can be more satisfying and immersive than spinning the image of your product virtually in 360 modes? What even tops up this experience is viewing the product through a VR headset! Solidworks Visualize makes it very easy and feasible. It gives the users the capability of making their CAD designs into animations and virtual images. The user can visualize it and understand each and every aspect of the product without even having it in reality.


Solidworks Visualize Packages

They are two packages of solid was visualize available in the market- Solidworks Visualize Standard and Solidworks Visualize Premium. The difference between the two packages lies in the accessibility of many animations and boost features along with VR and some light profiles. The Solidworks Visualize Professional package gives a much better experience than the Standard one.