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SolidWorks Premium extends SolidWorks Professional’s capabilities with advanced simulation and design validation. The Premium is the highest tier of the SolidWorks application. With the aid of SolidWorks Premium, you can complete your job more quickly and easily than ever before. This advantage is made possible by seamlessly integrating sophisticated design tools, including market-leading components, assembly, and drawing capabilities, with integrated simulation, cost calculation, rendering, animation, and product data management. With its cutting-edge features, SolidWorks Premium helps you create products more effectively by guiding you through the process’s design, validation, collaboration, and building aspects.

Some Outstanding Standard SolidWorks Features


SolidWorks Standard contains numerous useful features despite its limitations, some of which are highlighted here. However, SolidWorks Premium makes it simple whether you need higher-order functions, project collaboration, or to create intricate components and machines.

1. CAM Standard

SolidWorks CAM Standard is a basic computer-aided machining add-in tool powered by CAMWorks. The SolidWorks standard offers a 2.5-axis milling capability. You can upgrade to SolidWorks CAM Professional if you want to use turning support, and you must upgrade to CAMWorks if you wish to do 3+ axis machining.

2. Piping and Tubing Design

Design pipeline and tubing in 3D during system design with SolidWorks to speed up the development process and save time. Designers may assure effective assembly, operation, and serviceability by incorporating pipe and tubing into the design phase, preventing rework, delays, and additional costs.

3. DimXpert & TolAnalyst

You can accurately dimension and test models with DimXpert before creating drawings in the 3D modeling software. DimXpert may automatically or manually link dimensions and tolerances to features. To ensure that your design will come together correctly, even in the worst-case scenario, they may be imported into designs or utilized by TolAnalyst, which analyzes DimXpert tolerance stack-ups in an assembly.

4. eDrawings Standard

This program is an effective tool for looking through CAD files and can be used with or without other programs (standalone). It is possible to export models and drawings to the eDrawings format and send them to anybody who needs to see them. Additionally, it has direct DXF/DWG and Solidworks file-opening capabilities.

5. FeatureWorks

With the help of this FeatureWorks tool, imported “dumb solid” models may be automatically transformed into fully parametric SolidWorks models. FeatureWorks will analyze your choice of all or a portion of a model. What it learns will be transformed into editable features as if SolidWorks had originally generated the model in SolidWorks.

6. Interference Detection

In the current world, a small area in which two models share some volume in CAD land might result in costly rework and scrap. Interference detection inspects assemblies and multi-body parts to ensure that components do not overlap.

7. FloXpress

FloXpress is a simulation tool for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). You may make reports on the results and replicate the passage of water and air via models.

8. SimulationXpress

This simulation program uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the first pass. You may create reports, analyze part models with linear forces or pressures, and optimize parts to reinforce weak points.

9. SustainabilityXpress

Throughout a product’s full life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to its end of life, SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress keeps track of environmental impact elements. This software only works with partial documents, and SolidWorks Premium includes the complete version of SolidWorks Sustainability, which also manages assemblies.

SolidWorks Premium – Features

With SolidWorks Premium, the question “Can I pull this off?” will never be posed again. When designing and modeling, the only barrier is what you can imagine. Start making designs and eliminate the guessing. With SolidWorks Premium, the company’s flagship solution, you can quickly transition from concept to virtual prototype with the necessary quality by utilizing just one simple application quicker than you ever imagined. SolidWorks Premium offers all the capabilities of SolidWorks Professional as well as:

1. Time-Based Motion Analysis

With motion analysis, you can easily assess how your product will function and move throughout its operating cycle. Measure the weights and pressures acting on your design while seeing your item’s movement as it would in the real world.

2. Photo Rendering: PhotoView 360 & Visualize – A Professional Feature

SolidWorks Premium offers two high-quality tools for rendering and animating CAD models. Users may utilize PhotoView 360 within SolidWorks to produce renderings with appearances, decals, backdrop scenery, lighting effects, etc. A standalone program called SolidWorks Visualize can create animations and graphics with photorealism.

3. Linear Stress Analysis

Using linear stress analysis, designers and engineers can rapidly and effectively evaluate quality, efficiency, and safety while developing their designs. Optimize time and development expenses by reducing the need for expensive prototypes and rework.

4. Advanced Surface Flattening

Numerous products, such as leather goods, sporting goods, footwear, and items made of composite materials, such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, sometimes have complicated forms. At the same time, they are constructed from raw materials like cow skins, nylon, fabric, and flat composite sheets that start as matte stock. To cut the material from the flat sheet, you may precisely identify or estimate the size and form of surfaces using SolidWorks Premium.

5. Electrical Cable Harness and Conduit Design

Use the SolidWorks Premium package to quickly design and route electrical wiring, harnessing, cabling, and conduit assemblies for goods. You will speed up your development cycle, spend less time and money on rework, and be better able to assure effective product assembly and serviceability if you incorporate these systems during product design instead of introducing them later.

6. Routing of Rectangular and Other Sections

SolidWorks Premium users can route round and rectangular pieces to suit their design requirements. Rectangular section routing is required by equipment designers, product designers, machine designers, facility designers, and others to complete their designs, including ducting, cable trays, conveyors, material handling chutes, and many more systems.


You can collaborate across disciplines inside businesses, with clients and suppliers, and through sharing CAD data. You may also rapidly and simply complete product designs using mechatronic design procedures, contemporary design on a single platform, or optimized electrical/mechanical design.

Information exchange

  • Import/export: transform CAD data into a format that matches your needs, such as IFC file import/export to use with AEC design software
  • Existing 2D DWG data: keep drawings using SolidWorks 2D CAD tools 
  • Automatic Feature Recognition: transform non-SolidWorks CAD data automatically into SolidWorks models that are simple to modify.
  • ECAD-MCAD data exchange: use CircuitWorks to facilitate two-way data transmission between mechanical and electrical designers
  • Import scanned data: create SolidWorks CAD geometry from scanned data to aid in reverse engineering.

SolidWorks Premium Pricing

SolidWorks Premium is available for purchase for $7995 for a single license, plus $1995 per year for maintenance. Additionally, term licenses cost $1450 for three months or $4825 for a full year. The Professional and Standard package features are all included in the premium package.


SolidWorks Premium improves on SolidWorks Professional by integrating electrical cable and pipe routing features, improving surface flattening, structural and motion analysis, and reverse engineering. Although the Premium package is costly, it includes all the features you could need in SolidWorks. So, before purchasing any package, carefully consider your options.