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There are many websites that talk about SolidWorks on the internet. Why do SolidWorks-related websites exist in such large numbers? What are their purposes? Every website has a distinct sense of emphasis. Some websites discuss SolidWorks features, while others demonstrate how to use the software’s tools and features. Still, others are SolidWorks communities where users collaborate to produce more and better designs in less time. How can I use these websites? In this post, we will present a quick overview as well as the key features of MySolidWorks. So what is MySolidWorks?

What is MySolidWorks?


One of Dassault Systemes’ more recent websites for the SOLIDWORKS user community is MySolidWorks. By providing you with important SolidWorks materials and services whenever, wherever, and on whatever device you choose, MySolidWorks is an online platform that enhances your productivity. You may learn about SolidWorks, interact with manufacturers, and receive answers via MySolidWorks. With the help of the brand-new online experience, MySolidWorks, connecting with the SOLIDWORKS community is now simpler than ever. With MySolidWorks, you can access knowledge and insight from throughout the SolidWorks community in one convenient location. You may link to it to learn about SolidWorks and share whatever you find. MySolidWorks gives you rapid access to forum postings, online assistance, YouTube videos, blog pieces, and more if you need a quick response to a query. You may also search all those sources with a simple click for answers. MySolidWorks access is split into three levels: basic, standard, and professional.

MySolidWorks Features and Access

While the functionalities are restricted to users based on the type of account they have, the following are MySolidWorks basic access:

  • SolidWorks Online Product Trial – Use any device to test-drive SolidWorks whenever. No installation is required.
  • Ask questions and find answers by searching all SolidWorks community resources.
  • Watch training videos for SolidWorks in Learning.
  • Access the Knowledge Base, the Advanced Forums, and the SolidWorks Customer Portal.
  • Access to the MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network, which links SOLIDWORKS users with reputable producers with 3D printing, sheet metal, CNC machining, and injection molding capabilities.
  • File-Storage Services in the Cloud. Share huge design files using services like Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox. With eDrawings, you can see your CAD files online.
  • You may use My VAR to get Javelin content feeds for SOLIDWORKS blogs, videos, news, and an events calendar.
  • Access and look up online support, software performance reports (SPRs), and other resources.
  • By using the CSWA Certification Prep Courses, you may become SolidWorks certified.
  • Obtain certification with full access to ALL certification preparation courses, including CSWP, CSWE, & CSWPA.
  • SolidWorks eCourses are comprehensive courses transformed into self-paced eLearning from the instructor-led training guides for SolidWorks.

MySolidWorks Training

You may increase your knowledge at your speed and on your own time, thanks to the access to hundreds of SolidWorks training videos that MySolidWorks offers. SOLIDWORKS instructor-led training programs are supplemented with video tutorials. The online classes are designed to address the needs of SolidWorks users, which include

  • SolidWorks Certification Prep courses.
  • SolidWorks Solution courses for MBD, Composer, Simulation, etc.
  • SolidWorks Part Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly Modeling, Mold design, and more

MySolidWorks eCourses

Although attending a live session is usually the best method to learn SolidWorks, it isn’t always practicable. The ability to study anywhere and however you choose is necessary. The self-paced, excellent, interactive eCourses in SolidWorks’ library allow you to learn at your speed.

SolidWorks eCourses include:

  • In a self-paced eLearning format, everything from the SOLIDWORKS instructor-led instruction handbook.
  • Key principles and background information
  • Videos and demos by subject-matter experts
  • Interactive exercises and simulations that let you choose and select the options for them
  • Offline activities for additional practice and independent study.

MySolidWorks Drive

The communication between MySolidWorks and cloud-based file storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive is made possible by MySolidWorks Drive. With the help of MySolidWorks Drive, SolidWorks users can exchange huge design files with suppliers, coworkers, and manufacturers from any location and examine their designs online using the eDrawings online viewer.

My Reseller

With the use of the My Reseller function, subscribers to our subscription service may access information and technical materials produced especially for them by Javelin SolidWorks Experts, such as:

  • SolidWorks Technical Help
  • Product Demonstrations for SolidWorks.
  • YouTube training videos, our most recent news, and a calendar of forthcoming events such as webinars and seminars.
  • We’ve also added a link to our Stratasys 3D Printing blog so you can stay up to date on the newest additive manufacturing methods and goods.

MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network

The MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network connects reputable manufacturers with 3D printing, sheet metal, CNC machining, and injection molding capabilities with SolidWorks customers.

Manufacturers may register to be included in the Manufacturing Network, and SolidWorks users can suggest more manufacturers. Soon, manufacturers will be able to approach SolidWorks users more directly to market their services and reply to RFQs. Users can identify and connect with these manufacturers to get essential parts created quickly.

MySolidWorks Access

The subscription options on this website are many. Professional membership costs $360 annually and is necessary to access the entire website. The standard online subscription is available to SolidWorks licenses with active subscriptions.

MySolidWorks Professional

For those who wish to study SolidWorks and become certified in it. Access to SolidWorks certification training programs and extensive online training with more than a thousand training videos.

Each user must pay $360 annually for SolidWorks users with active memberships.

MySolidWorks Standard

One more SolidWorks subscription service. It offers online storage facilities for sharing designs, more than 600 basic SolidWorks training videos, and a global network of manufacturers that can assist in bringing your ideas to life. A special account is available for users of the SolidWorks Subscription Service.

MySolidWorks for Students

You can acquire the SolidWorks certification while enhancing your abilities. By providing access to pertinent SolidWorks information and services whenever they need it and on any device, this platform aids students in improving their SolidWorks proficiency. The top SolidWorks-skilled students frequently earn the most employment. While a student’s student license is active, it is accessible.


It would help if you now had a better understanding of what is MySolidWorks. Regarding accessing the customer forums, support, and reseller information, MySolidWorks and the SolidWorks Customer Portal share certain materials. The MySolidWorks website, on the other hand, provides entirely new material, such as online training in the form of tutorials, learning routes, and e-courses. The 3DExperience Platform and SolidWorks data are integrated into the MySolidWorks website, and the 3D Marketplace and 3D Make spaces are also accessible. I’d advise signing up for MySolidWorks if you want to learn how to use SolidWorks professionally.