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In today’s technological environment, 3D computer-aided design is essential. The tool of choice for modern designers and engineers is 3D CAD, regardless of their area of expertise: mechanical engineering, metal, metal electronics, industrial product design, or automotive engineering. The most well-liked 3D CAD application available is SolidWorks, which is used in many places. This popularity is attributable to a special trifecta of qualities, including superb support, broad usage, and remarkable ease of use. User needs are always incorporated into the program in yearly updates, resulting in an annual increase in capability and optimization of current features in the software. SolidWorks requires much effort, learning, and practice from novice to expert. Learn where to obtain SolidWorks practice drawings in this post to sharpen your CAD abilities and gain more practical experience.

Why You Need to Perfect SolidWorks Practice Drawings


All over the world, SolidWorks is used in business and educational settings alike. SolidWorks has relatively low system requirements, so that the IT department may postpone purchases of new machines due to its selection. Using network licensing and other methods, SolidWorks is very easy to install and maintain in a network setting.

SolidWorks has long been dedicated to education, another area in which it has invested. By offering the Student Kit, providing instructional materials each year that have been updated for the most recent iteration of the program, and helping lecturers when feasible. SolidWorks is the best decision for the future, and the future of education is fully supported, as many students and teachers want the best opportunities available after completing their education.

Where to find SolidWorks practice drawings

SolidWorks offers a course that may instruct you on the fundamentals of drawing and allow you to practice at several levels, from novice to expert. The practice drawings provided by SolidWorks are enough for this course. You may study SolidWorks in a classroom-like setting with the help of The SolidWorks Engineering Design Project, The Mountainboard, and its supplementary resources. Learning 3D design principles and methods is made easier with the help of The Mountainboard, a SolidWorks Engineering Design Project.

Online Tutorials 

The SolidWorks Online Tutorials’ associated project and supplement are the SolidWorks Engineering Design Project. I recommend you sign up for this online tutorial because it is a way to watch how experts work on different projects, and you could learn a thing or two. When practicing drawing, you should know that someone has already solved any challenge or problem you are facing, and this online tutorial is one place to find solutions. 

Accessing the Tutorials 

Select SolidWorks Tutorials from the Help menu on the official SolidWorks website to start the online training. The SolidWorks window is enlarged, and a new window with a list of the available lessons will emerge next to it. An instruction illustration will appear at the bottom of the window as you move the pointer over the links. To have the best viewing experience when learning, set your screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 or higher.

The tutorials include the following options:

  • Moves to the next screen in the tutorial. 
  • Tips represent a memo or advice. The information is located to the symbol’s right and is not a link. Time-saving advice and notes are offered in notes and suggestions.
  • Most toolbar buttons that appear in the tutorials can be clicked to cause the corresponding SolidWorks button to illuminate. An ActiveX control notification can occur the first time you click the button: It might not be safe to interact with other page elements using an ActiveX control on this page. Would you approve of this interaction? It is customary to take such safety precautions. The ActiveX controls won’t harm your system in the online tutorials. The scripts are disabled for that topic if you click No. The scripts will execute, and the button will flash if you choose Yes.
  • The timer displays how long it should take to finish the tutorial.
  • Automatically opens the file or sets the option when you choose Open File or Set.
  • Show me a video of this step. Taking a deeper look leads to further resources on a subject. It provides other information on the topic but is unnecessary to finish the session.
  • Why did I? offer additional details about a method and its justifications. You may complete the tutorial without this knowledge.

Printing the Tutorials 

You can print the online tutorials if you’d like to by doing the following:

  1. Click “Show” on the tutorial navigation toolbar. The Online Tutorials’ table of contents is shown below.
  2. From the shortcut menu, choose Print by right-clicking the book corresponding to the lesson you want to print. A dialog box called Print Topics opens.
  3. Click OK after selecting to print the specified heading and all subtopics.
  4. Repeat this step for each lesson you wish to print.

Using This Course 

This book is not the only component of this course. The Mountainboard, the course’s centerpiece and road map, is a SolidWorks engineering design project. Thanks to the supplementary resources in the online tutorials, you have many learning options with SolidWorks. Interactivity is a key component of 3D design education. The greatest way to learn is to investigate how the topics you are learning are used in real-world situations. You may apply design principles by participating in the course’s numerous activities and exercises. You may easily accomplish this by utilizing the given files. This course’s sessions are structured to strike a mix between lectures and practical instruction. Some tests and quizzes also provide additional feedback on your development.

Third-Party Sites for SolidWorks Practice Drawings

Following drawing lessons from easy to advanced on independent websites is always a good method to learn. Several free and paid websites provide in-depth SolidWorks tutorials for users who are eager to learn.


Third-party community members have generated, uploaded, and maintained the CAD files and renderings submitted to this website. No firm, organization, or real-world good that it may appear to represent is sponsoring or related to this content and the writing that goes along with it.


Youtube offers a lot of video channels where you can learn SolidWorks skills and techniques. Some channels show you step-by-step tutorials on how to build certain SolidWorks projects, and the best part is that they are free and accessible at all times.  


Drawings for SolidWorks instruction are available on this website. This course aims to educate you on SolidWorks mechanical design automation software’s engineering drawing creation capabilities for parts and assemblies.

It is unrealistic to cover every tiny element and flint of the SolidWorks program and the Drawings area in particular and yet have the course be a manageable length. The software is robust and feature-rich. As a result, the fundamental knowledge and abilities necessary for producing good engineering drawings are the main emphasis of this course. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may consult the online help for details on less commonly used command alternatives.


Students, designers, engineers, and other professionals use SolidWorks to create specific and complicated components, assemblies, and drawings. However, transitioning from a beginner to a professional level is not simple; you must put your CAD skills through rigorous practice. I hope this article was useful in locating SolidWorks practice drawings that you may use to enhance your SolidWorks skills. Users may develop and advance their design talents by practicing in this way.