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It is critical in modern design to keep track of any vital data or documentation, yet it is frequently simple to misplace a specific file on your computer. You can learn how to insert Word document into Solidworks file. You might use internal or external documents to keep track of any documentation or attach the relevant documentation to your SolidWorks file when using external documents. Solidworks users can always utilize the Design Binder for internal documents. Using Design Binders in your Solidworks projects can help avoid missing or lost information. Design binders allow you to immediately link any critical design or documentation data to the component or assembly file where the data is required. 

The design binder includes a design journal and a Microsoft Word document that aids the journaling process. You may use the design journal to jot down ideas and notes about the design process. The document seems like an engineering journal, with headers such as File name, Description, and Material. These fields are linked to the Solidworks document attributes and are updated every time the journal is opened. In the Design journal, you may input text, add photos, and format text precisely as you would in a Word document. When you access the design journal, Solidworks captures a screen snapshot of your design and saves it to the clipboard so you can easily paste it into the document to help explain what’s going on.

The design binder lets you attach related papers to your SolidWorks model in a single file. For instance, connecting Microsoft Word or PDF files to the Design Binder folder in the FeatureManager design tree is possible. You can put documents with associated notes for parts and assembly files in this folder.

How To Insert Word Document Into Solidworks File


You can insert a word document into a SolidWorks currently open document for documentation using external existing documents. Follow the following steps to learn how to insert Word document into Solidworks file:

Step 1: Select “Object” from the Insert menu.

Step 2: Click the “Create from File” button in the dialog box. Click Browse, then select a file and click Open.

Step 3: Choose any of the following options:

(a) Link. The object is connected to the original document, and any changes to the original are reflected in the SolidWorks document. The item is embedded if it is not linked. (b) Display as Icon. If you choose both choices, the new object appears as an icon, and the program generates a shortcut to the original document. If neither option is selected, the new item is presented in the SolidWorks document but is not linked.

Step 4: To insert the file, click OK. To modify how the OLE object is shown, go to Edit > Object and select Display Content, Display as Icon or Reset Size. Next, right-click the item and choose Properties to examine its properties.

For documentation using internal documents, you have to utilize the Design Binder. Follow the following steps to learn how to insert Word document into Solidworks file:

By default, the design binder is hidden. If you don’t see the Design Binder folder towards the top of your Feature Tree, right-click anywhere in the FeatureManager and choose “Hide/Show Tree Items…”. The SOLIDWORKS “Options” box will open, and you may set the Design Binder drop-down to “Show.”

Once you’ve enabled your Design Binder, you’ll see a Design Binder folder in your FeatureManager Design Tree. By default, this folder contains a Word document called Design Journal. This notebook is an excellent method to keep track of your designs as they go through various adjustments or revisions and to remind your team of what changes have been made. To open this Word document, double-click the Design Journal file, which will open in Word..

The Solidworks Design Journal allows you to take notes and include images into an integrated word document. These fields are associated with custom properties and are changed each time the journal is accessed.

You may also attach documents like PDFs, Word, and Excel files by right-clicking the design binder folder and selecting “Add Attachment” from the pop-up menu.

The design binder document will be linked to the original document by selecting “Link” in the upper left-hand corner of the attachment window. As a result, further modifications to the original document will be reflected in the design binder document.

Follow these procedures to submit an entry to the Design Journal:

Step 1: In the FeatureManager design tree, click the + sign to the left of the Design Binder symbol. The folder expands to show its contents, including the design journal and any other documents you upload.

Step 2: Double-click the Design Journal to launch Microsoft Word.

Step 3: Fill out your Design Journal entries.

Step 4: Paste (CTRL + V) a picture of your design into the Design Journal. When you launch a design journal, Solidworks takes a snapshot of the design and saves it to the clipboard so that you may paste it into the journal.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to insert word document in Solidworks File

1. I made modifications to my sheet format and saved it, but the changes aren’t present when I start a new drawing with a drawing template that utilizes this format.”Why?”

Solution: You may switch between sheet formats by right-clicking on the sheet tab, the sheet name in the tree, or a blank section of the sheet and selecting “Properties.” This action will open the Sheet Properties dialog box (shown below), where you may alter or reload the sheet format, name the sheet, and so on. When a new sheet is inserted, it will utilize the same form as the current sheet. (To prevent it from using the same sheet as the active sheet by default, go to Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings and check the box for “Show sheet format dialog when adding a new sheet.”).

2. I’m attempting to open a file and receiving the following error message: Cannot open” (file name). A version in the future. Why? ” “Can I save a file such that a previous version of SolidWorks can open it?”

Solution: SolidWorks files cannot be opened with a version older than the one with which they were last saved. I realize that isn’t true for many products, like Word and Excel. Still, SolidWorks is many times more complicated, and features may have been constructed utilizing functions that weren’t accessible in previous versions, among other reasons. 


Learning how to insert Word document into Solidworks file may appear to be a complex jumble, but following the steps outlined above is all that is required. I hope you found this post helpful and that you were able to get started. So, the next time you need to document changes or insert a non-Solidworks document about your design, utilize the Design Binder.