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Pack and go utility is a fast method to share assembly files in a zip format. It makes the transaction of files simple and easy to use. It is a 2 step process to zip all the related documents together.  The file format can be parts, assemblies, drawings, references, design tables, Design Binder content, decals, appearances, and scenes, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation results. This particular feature of SolidWorks makes file handling simple and easy.

There are two main reasons for the use of pack and go in SOLIDWORKS.

  1. Data set duplication for sharing or repurposing ( Missing components ).
  2. Renaming numerous files at the same time to organize a data set.

Pack and go can be used in the following scenarios:

  1. User-defined folders for drawings.
  2. Decals, appearances, and scenes (custom and default) derived and mirrored components’ parent parts.
  3. All design binder-linked folders.
  4. All linked design table documents.
  5. Documents containing the results of SOLIDWORKS simulations.

The pack and go option is available in the explorer in the file button.

File> Pack and go

Once we click on the pack and go option, a window will open.



In the above window, we are packing an assembly file with a total of 26 files. The file types are part files and subassemblies.

We can proceed by two methods and those are “Save to folder” and “Save to zipping”.  You can choose based on your preference.

After choosing your preferences click on the save button.

Tip: “Save as zip file” option is preferred for sharing via e-mail and other sharing platforms.

 For renaming numerous files at the same time to organize a data set.

If you have a big number of files to rename, use Pack and Go to your benefit. We can do this operation by any of  these 4 methods.

  1. Add prefix or suffix
  2. Adjust the save to folder
  3. Adjust the save to name
  4. Select/Replace

For adding prefix and suffix we get the option in the window.

For saving to a folder we can browse:

You can make separate changes to the “Save To Name” and “Save To Folder” characteristics.

Select/Replace is handy when we wish to replace a set of common text in a family of files with a new collection of common text.

While using this feature you have to look for couple of things

To begin, double-check that the assembly is loaded and that all of the components are fully resolved. A lightweight component is unlikely to make it into the pack and go and might go missing.

Second, if you chose to “include drawings,” double-check that they are included in your zip file, as they don’t always transfer correctly.

Finally, and maybe most crucially, use with great caution if you’re utilizing SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, or SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. When utilizing Pack and Go in one of these scenarios, it’s all too easy to check in with the wrong revision or version of the file.