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A part property is a SolidWorks tool that makes a designer’s life easier. The properties tab helps the designer know all the relevant information about the given part. This feature of SolidWorks gives the user options to write comments, and keywords while working in an organization.  To access this feature simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Files options and then click on the properties option as shown.
  • The following window appears where you can write details.

Here we see users adding comments for other members or teammates. With Custom property you can add details about the Bill of Materials etc.

Now we will create a small custom property table for the given part.

Here we will add small details. We can add functions or Mathematical expressions in the custom properties if needed. You can simply choose the property and add it to the table which another user can see or change.

In the above image you can add properties like density, materials, stock size etc. as shown

The second column denotes the type of data like number, text “yes or no” etc. As you can see in the above example user has already added three properties i.e., Part number, description and Weight. The weight value is the one SolidWorks generates whereas part number is manually added.

Above are the steps to create the custom properties in SolidWorks.