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Default Templates


Default locations for part, assembly and drawing templates can be specified from “System Options” – “Default Templates”. There is the option to always use the default templates or prompt the user to select the document template, set these as required.

Use the reset button to clear and reselect the path of the default templates. Select “Reset this page only” otherwise all system options will be reset.

If the desired templates cannot be selected, check the path for “Document Templates” from the “File Locations” section. Save the changes to the document templates folder by clicking ok, then return to the system options and set the default templates.

File Locations

Navigate to “System Options” – “File Locations”, this shows the storage location of a variety of items. Select BOM Templates from the drop down to see where the bill of materials template is stored.

If any of these items are customized, consider creating a templates folder. The template folder can either be stored locally (for an individual user) or on a network drive (to be available to all users). If PDM is used, a template folder may exist in the vault, check with the PDM administrator.

Use the add/delete buttons to add/remove paths to the selected template type.

The edit button can be used to change the paths in bulk.

Although both SolidWorks and custom folder paths can be used simultaneously, it is recommended that the SolidWorks paths are slowly phased out. By doing so, missing templates can be identified as they will not be available.

Template Update Schedule

In many cases templates are created once and then continually upgraded to the latest version of SolidWorks. This can lead to issues with the performance of SolidWorks, avoid these issues by creating brand new templates. To reduce the workload, consider a staggered schedule, update parts/assemblies one year and drawing templates the next.