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How to change default units in SolidWorks?

If the default templates provided by SolidWorks don’t use the desired units, create new ones. The process of changing units is the same for all template types. This tutorial will explain how to change the units of a template and how to save them. Below are the default templates provided by SolidWorks, neither of which are MMKS.

Changing Units

Units can be changed from the bottom right of the screen, when a file is open.

If the desired unit format is not available here, a custom format can be defined in the document properties tab of the system options. In “Units” section, choose “Custom” to define the units to be used. The units for each of the types, underlined in orange, need to be set.

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To avoid setting the units for every file, save the blank part/assembly/drawing file as a template.

Saving Templates

Save the file using “Save As”, and give the template an identifiable name: Part-mm, Assembly-mm and Drawing-mm will be used. Select the appropriate file type .prtdot (part) and .asmdot (assembly) and .drwdot (drawing) for the templates. Save the file to the location specified in “File Locations” – “Document Templates” in the system options.

Once complete, close the template files. Launching a new file will now show the updated templates in the list of options.