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What is Hole Table?


A hole table contains information for selected holes. Holes corresponding to a specific hole feature, or all holes in a drawing view. Hole tables in drawing documents measure the positions of selected holes from a specified origin datum. If you add a hole table to a view, a hole tag is associated with each selected hole. A corresponding row will add to the table. The software labels each hole with a tag that corresponds to a row in the table. You can make modifications to the hole table at any stage. If holes are added or removed from the model, or an existing hole is changed, the hole table is updated when the drawing updates. This feature has an edge when your part is having many holes. If we give annotations to each hole that will create the drawing very messy or it will be hard to read.

Opening CAD model in Solidworks Drawing

Open the CAD model in Solidworks Drawing by opening it manually. Go to File > Open, Select the model and click on Open, while you are in Solidworks Drawing. Now you can set the orientation and place the View on the drawing Sheet.

There is one more way to open the file in Solidworks Drawing. Go to File > Make Drawing from part. This way the part will automatically open in the Solidworks Drawing and now you have to select the drawing sheet. Then from the view pallet, you can drag and drop the view in the sheet.

You can make changes to the selected view from PropertyManager. Properties like Display style, Scale, Dimensions Type, etc.

Creating Hole Table

Now we can create the Hole Table. Go to Annotation Tab > Table, and from the dropdown Click on Hole Table. We have several options like Table Template, Table Position, Tag order, Datum, Holes (Edges/Faces), Tag Type, Border, Layer, and Text Format. But while creating the whole table some options are not required.

Under Datum, you have to define the X-axis and Y-axis or you can define the origin. About this origin, your hole values will be shown.

Next is Holes, Under this, you have select the face or edges on which holes are present.

Tag Type, In this you can define the tag to be Alphabetical or numerical. Also, you can give the starting value of the tag. For example, If you want to start the tag from ‘D’ you can type that and the next tag will automatically be E, F, G, and so on.

Under Layers, you will see the option of Next View. This option creates another hole table for other holes and merges it into the main hole table.

After defining all the properties of the hole table click on OK. The Hole Table will attach to the mouse pointer. To place the table Click on the sheet. We can also say that where ever you click on the drawing sheet the hole table will be placed there.