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This tutorial will outline how to show and dimension cosmetic threads in a SolidWorks drawing.

Showing Cosmetic Threads


A hole or shaft has a different appearance in a SolidWorks drawing, if a cosmetic thread has been added. To represent the thread, a thin lined partially complete circle will appear. If this circle does not appear their display may be turned of.  To turn them on select “Options”-“Document Properties” – “Detailing”. In the display filter section select both “Cosmetic threads” and “Shaded cosmetic threads”. The shaded cosmetic threads setting only applies to views set as shaded as the display style.

The part above contains a threaded hole and shaft. The cosmetic thread appears on the outside of the edge of a hole, and inside the edge of a shaft.

Detailing Cosmetic threads


If the cosmetic thread pertains to a hole, use hole callout from the CommandManager. This will display the relevant information for the hole.

Another option is to create a section view through the hole, right click on the thread and select “Insert Callout”. This callout less detailed than the hole callout, additional dimensions may be required. To edit the callout after placement, double click the text to enter the text editor. Dimensioning a hole using a section view is useful when counterbores/sportfaces are used, as it allows for additional tolerances can be specified.


To insert a callout for male thread, hover over the representation of the cosmetic thread right click and select “Insert Callout”. On placement the callout appears as “M10x1.0 Machine threads”, to change this double click on the text to enter the text editor.

Cosmetic threads can be dimensioned as normal geometry.  The dimensions (black) above were added with smart dimension.