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How to mate parts with threads in SolidWorks assemblies?

There are many mate options to choose from in SolidWorks, one that is quite useful is the “Screw” option from the mechanical mates section. This mate can be used to mate two parts whose threads are modeled. The steps to constrain two M10x1.0 fasterners are as follows:

  1. Fully constrain one of the two items, in this case the nut is constrained to the origin.
  2. Set temporary axis visibility to on. Use the hide/show button in the graphics area and select view temporary axis.
  3. Create a new mate.  Select the coincident option and select both the axis of the nut and the axis of the bolt.  Use the mate alignment to set the bolt in the correct orientation.
  4. Create a section view cutting through the body of the nut/bolt. This will make the selection of the face in step 5 easier.
  5. Create a new mate.  Select the screw mate option from the mechanical window, use faces representing the major diameter of the thread as the selections for the mate. Set the revolutions/mm to the pitch of the screw, in this case 1rev/mm.
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Once the mating process is complete, return to the full view of the model. The bolt can be tightened/loosened by clicking and rotating the bolt in the assembly.