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Lets learn how to use cam mate in SolidWorks!

Mates in Solidworks

Solidworks has various features and modules that can be helpful in CAD modeling. Similarly, Solidworks Assembly has various features that can be used while assembling the parts. 3D parts are imported into the Solidworks assembly and necessary mates are used to constrain the motion and position of the part in the assembly. To constrain the motion and fix a position we use the Mates command feature.

Mates feature have various options and types or constraints which are categorized. In mates option, we have many options available like Standard, Advanced, Mechanical, and Analysis. These categorized mate options have relevant mates for the purpose and need according to the assembly. For Example, the Mechanical mates option has Cam-Follower Mates, Slot Mates, Hinge Mates, Gear Mates, Rack, Pinion Mates, Screw Mate, and Universal Joint Mate.

Cam Mate in Solidworks

Cam Mate or Cam-Follower Mates is a type of tangent and coincident mate. In cam mate, you can mate a cylinder, plane, or point to a series of tangent extruded faces, which is similar to the cam profile. You have to apply a few mates in order to constrain the motion of the cam and follower. For the cam you have to restrict the movement on all axis it should only rotate in one direction. You can apply concentric mate and coincident mate in case of the cam. For the follower, we can restrict its motion and give freedom to one axis only.

To apply cam mate in an assembly first import the parts in Solidworks assembly.

Click on the Assembly tab, then in command manager click on Mate.

In the property manager, you will see the option of mate category. Under the selected option with will see the available mates. Select Mechanical mates.

Under Mechanical mates click on Cam.

Under mate selection, for the cam path   select the face of the cam. In cam follower select the face or vertex of the follower.

The follower is in contact with the cam surface. Thus, allowing the follower to stay in contact with the cam as it moves or rotates. This mate is visible in the Feature Manager design tree. You can make any changes or modifications to this by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit features.