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Need of Holes in designing


While designing any component we have to provide some holes in the part. Those holes can be use for attaching the other parts or components using fasteners. The holes can be threaded or non-threaded. It depends upon the application for which that hole is made. To draw hole we have many steps. Either draw a circle and cut-extrude the circle or we can use hole feature which contains many type of hole types.

Hole Callout is a feature in SolidWorks. While defining the dimensions and adding Annotation this feature is used. The hole cut out gives details about the hole. Details like the Diameter or radius, Depth of the hole.

You can use this feature in standard drawing views and section views.

Adding Hole callouts in Standard drawing view: –

You access the feature by clicking on the Insert > Annotation > Hole Callout.


Or you can click on the Annotation Tab in Command manager and then select Hole Callout. This step is fairly easy and time-saving. If you don’t find the Annotation Tab then you can go for the first step. Also, you can add the Annotation Tab from the command manager. Right-click on the space of command Manager, then click on Tabs and select Annotation.

Enable the Annotation Ribbon tab.

After selecting the Hole Callout click the edge of a hole, then click in the graphics area to place the hole callout. A hole Callout will be inserted. Also, the dimension Manager will appear. You can see the Symbols Denoting Diameter or Radius R. If Depth is given that will be mentioned with the symbol.

  • Click to select a side edge of the hole and Click to place the callout.

You can Edit the Callout details like precision, and arrow style, or add text to the Annotation.


We can apply hole callouts to cross-sectioned holes and slots. Also, we can apply the callouts in section views, broken-out section views, and detail views. Features to which we can apply the Callouts are :

  • Hole Wizard holes and slots
  • Advanced Holes
  • Holes created with Cut-Revolve
  • Holes and slots created with Cut-Extrude

To add hole callouts in section views:

Select any line segment of the cross-sectioned hole.

  • Click to select a side edge and Click to place the callout.

  • Shift + click to select a top or bottom edge and Click to place the callout.