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In any complex CAD model, a reference geometry plays a very crucial role. You need to use all the reference geometry tools so that it is easier for you to make the geometry. At times you might need reference planes so make any particular cut, extrude, or feature on a body. To make things easy for any designer SolidWorks provides us with tools.  You can easily use these tools as it is easy to find them. In this article, we shall be looking to use one such tool. We are going to learn about the steps need to create/add a reference plane apart from the three basic ones.

You can create/add a plane in a part as well as an assembly file. You can use the created planes to make a sketch, create a section view or use it as a neutral plane for any feature. The steps to add a plane are very simple and easy to follow.

  1. In the Command manager you can find the reference geometry option. Open the dropdown.
  2. As soon as the dropdown opens select the options of “plane”. 
  3. The moment you click the option, in property manager window will open.
  4. The window will have options to choose a reference for the plane to be added. By selecting the reference you constrain/fully define the plane. Fully defined plane makes message color green.
  5. As soon as you see that message is green click ok and you have added the plane successfully.

The added plane can be seen and shall be named plane1, plane2 and so on by default.

Note: You can always define the plane using one reference but at times you might need more reference depending upon the situation.