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As is usually the case, there are often multiple ways to achieve the same result in SolidWorks. Dome is a time saving feature, allowing for domes to be created without the need for a sketch or revolve. Domes can be concave or convex, and they can be applied to various surfaces. This tutorial will cover the dome feature, revolved base/bose and the revolved cut features.

Convex Dome


Revolved Base/Boss

This method can be used to create a dome with or without an existing body. Create a sketch containing half of the profile to be revolved, then select “Revolved Base/Boss” from the CommandManager. Use the following settings to create the revolve:

  1. Axis – Vertical line representing the dome centerline.
  2. Blind – Keep angle as 360°, alternatively set as required.
  3. Selected Contours – Click anywhere in the closed profile.

Tip: The profiles of multiple revolve features can be in a single sketch, share the sketch between features. Before starting the next feature, set the sketch to visible, as a result the sketch is shared.

Use the revolve feature again, to create the cone. This example can also be completed with a single revolve feature.

Dome Feature

For this example, begin by creating the cone. Once complete, select “Dome” from “Insert” – “Features”. Select the face to apply the dome and set the distance to 60mm.

Concave Dome

Revolved Base/Boss

Instead creating a cone with a flat surface, change the sketch to create a concave surface.

Revolved Cut

Instead of editing the sketch, a revolved cut can be used to create the concave surface. Create a sketch of the profile to be cut, then select the “Revolved Cut” feature from the CommandManager. The settings for this revolve are the same.

Dome Feature

The process is the same as a convex dome, change the distance to 7.639mm. This value is the depth of penetration of a Ø60mm sphere.

Dome can be applied to a variety of surfaces.