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Decals can be used to change the appearance of a feature using an image. They are useful for placing logos or warning signs on equipment. There is no geometry associated with the decal, they are purely cosmetic. This tutorial will explore adding decals to a SolidWorks model.

Placing a Decal

To add a decal to a body, navigate to “AppearanceManager” and select the decal tab, click “Open Decal Library”.

At this point there are two options: Browse for a specific image or use existing SolidWorks decals. To use a SolidWorks decal, first double click on the decal. Place the decal by selecting a face. Once a decal has been placed, it can be resized by pulling on the corners. The orange circle is used to rotate the decal, and clicking on the image allows it to be moved.

Edit/Add a Decal

Expand the list of decals, right click and select edit decal. Use the mapping tab to change the position or switch faces. The brightness of an image can be controlled from the illumination tab.

Tip: when moving a decal from one face to another, changing the mapping from “Projection” to “Label” may be required for it to appear.

To add decals, right click and select “Add Decal”.

A single decal span multiple surfaces, select the desired faces under “selected geometry”.