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Solidworks failing to save the document is a typical error that happens while trying to save a document in Solidworks. The error could be caused by a faulty document, a license issue, or a hardware problem. In addition, Solidworks fails to save a document because it has been made unreadable by the software. Saving such a document usually results in an error message because the software understands that it cannot correctly interpret it. There are several ways to handle the error when Solidworks fails to save the document, including repairing the document, restarting the SolidWorks application, and contacting Solidworks Technical Support as a last resort.

What To Do When Solidworks Fails To Save The Document


Before introducing methods you can use to resolve issues when Solidworks fails to save the document, I would like to explain why these errors occur in the first place briefly.

  1. Power Fluctuations

Power fluctuations can damage hardware susceptible to voltage or current spikes or dips. Consider an uninterruptible power supply and appropriately rated surge protectors on your hardware to prevent such harm to your documents and systems, which would cause SolidWorks to be unable to save your files.

  1. Network Issues

One of the most common reasons is network issues. It is because you are working and saving your documents on a server/remote network/cloud platform that has a significant potential for corruption. Therefore, having backup copies of your stuff on your local drive is good. You should also make a copy of your Solidworks files on your local desktop for editing and saving. Then, instead of opening and editing the files directly on the network, you can transfer them back to the network once they are finished.

  1. Hardware Issues

It is an issue with the hard drive or memory. A recommendation is to keep backups of your files if your hardware fails. If you believe your hardware integrity is broken or failing, consult your local IT technician to see if new hardware is advised or required.

Methods Used to Resolve: Solidworks Fails To Save The Document

  1. Repair the document

The Solidworks program includes a repair option for corrupted documents if that is why Solidworks fails to save the document. The auto repair tool attempts to identify which segments of the corrupted files are damaged and, if possible, eliminate them. When you come across a corrupted file, a dialog box asks if you wish to repair it. If you respond “Yes,” the software replicates the corrupted file and attempts to fix the duplicated file rather than the original. If the copied file opens, the software alerts you that the repair was successful and reports the deleted segments of the damaged file and the effect the part had on the file. If the outcome is satisfactory, you can save the repaired file.

Solidworks will provide a report indicating which document segments were fixed if the repair is successful. A link to a log file is also supplied so you can go deeper into the data. Once your document has been repaired, you can then save it.

  1. Change Configuration

If your document has any configurations, go through them, rectify any problems that may appear, and try saving again. This method has worked in more than one case. If it doesn’t work, try a different configuration, preferably one that hasn’t been loaded. Similarly, you may try suppressing and then unsupressing everything.

  1. If the document is an assembly file,

When a Solidworks assembly file fails to save, the first option is to rename the assembly, save it to a different location, or save it to a local device. Next, if the suggestion above does not work, determine whether the file is corrupted or if the assembly/part reference within is the cause.

Step 1: Navigate to “Open Folder” in Solidworks and look for your file.

Step 2: Select it, then change the Configuration option to “Advanced.” and Open.

Step 3: A Configure Document window will appear; select “New configuration showing assembly structure only” and enter a name. Click the ‘OK’ button.

You’re doing this to open the assembly with a new configuration that suppresses all the pieces. However, if the assembly opens, the problem may be with one of its parts or sub-assemblies. 

To locate the problem, proceed through your design tree, un-suppressing each subassembly and part. (You can speed up the process by picking and un-selecting items in groups to narrow down the problem.)

  1. If the document is a drawing file,

Determine whether the file is corrupted or if the assembly/part reference within is the cause.

Step 1: Open Folder in SOLIDWORKS and look for your file.

Step 2: In Mode, scroll to Quick View> and select it. Choose Sheets

You will load sheets one by one to see whether any are corrupted. Once detected, access the parts/assemblies used on the sheet to see if they are corrupted.

If you can open the file, the design sheet is most likely corrupted and must be redone. If not, create a new file and replace the part/assembly.

  1. If the document is a part file,

The file itself is most likely corrupted.

Step 1: If the file is stored on a network, copy it to your local drive and try to open it again. You may also try sending or transferring it to another device to try it.

Step 2: Check the file’s size; if it’s 0 KB, there’s nothing left of it.

Step 3: To see if it is recoverable, send the file to a compressed (zipped) folder by right-clicking the document and selecting “Send to.” You can find the size of the new zip folder in its properties.

It is undoubtedly unplayable if it is much smaller than the original file.

  1. All non-essential documents should be closed.

Close all non-essential documents. Too much RAM is possibly being consumed, and something is blocking the process. Switch off anything that isn’t being worked on at the moment. Consider saving. If it fails, try another method.

  1. Use the keyboard command Ctrl + Q. 

Every sketch and feature in the tree is rebuilt when you press Ctrl+Q.

Bottom Line

I hope the above methods helped resolve your problem when Solidworks fails to save the document. However, if the problem persists, contact Solidworks technical support.