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Because of the many features and customization options available, designing using Solidworks is enjoyable and simple. These characteristics enable us to create sustainable designs in the quickest and most effective manner.

The “Mouse Gesture” technique is one of the best ways to streamline and speed up the design process.

Any time you try to right-click while moving the cursor, a circle of standard instructions will appear—specifically, the four viewpoints (top, bottom, side, and back).

You can alter these commands and swap them out for the ones you use most frequently. (fig.1)

( fig.1)

How to customize your mouse gestures?

Easily, you can go to options, customized (fig.2)


You can search commands by category: File, View,Tools…etc (fig.3)

( fig.3)

You can also check the box to show only commands with mouse gestures assigned, this is useful to filter commands and edit or add, and delete easily. (fig.4)


You can search for the command you need and select which modes you want to employ mouse gesturing on; such as part mode, assembly, drawing, or all of them. (fig.5)



In addition to mouse gestures, you can create your own keyboard shortcuts, alter the existing ones, or add new ones.

Same way, going to options, choose, customize, then “Keyboard”.(fig.6)


Likewise, you can search by category or search for commands with only keyboard shortcuts, commands with search shortcuts, or even both. (fig.7)