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Solidworks’ numerous customizations make designing considerably simpler and even enjoyable.

Customizing the background’s illumination is one of Solidworks’ most significant choices.

It can be made light(Default), medium light, medium dark, or dark.

Here are some examples of how you can accomplish that and how each will affect your background.

First, select System options from the Options menu, then select Color:

From the drop-down menu next to Background, select your favorite background lighting mode.

Let’s examine each mode’s appearance:


2-Medium Light:



You can tell that we have a problem because the mode choices we make don’t have an impact on our workplace.

Luckily,that can be fixed too;go back to Colors, choose Viewport Background and switch background appearance to Plain then select Edit:

Set the value 80 for each of the colors(Red,Green,Blue).

And you get a dark workspace:

Top/Bottom Gradient Color can be altered to create a gradient background.

In order to get a darker hue at the bottom, let’s set the Top gradient values for (Red, Green, Blue) to 80 and the Bottom gradient values to 15:

The flyout feature management design tree may be necessary during the designing process. When the background is dark, it is difficult to read the instructions because their default color is black.

Select the Flyout feature management design tree and change the color to white rather than black to set them in a different hue.

And the result will be:

You can even set an image as your background:

By selecting “Reset Colors To Defaults,” you may always return to the normal settings by undoing all color changes at once.