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SolidWorks gives its user the tools to move or rotate any entity in a part file or an assembly. You might need to rotate or move any sketch entity in a part file, whereas in an assembly file while inserting a part or mating it you might need a move or rotate tool.

In this article, you will be knowing the steps needed to perform the move or rotate action in SolidWorks. Here we are going to rotate the arrow part in the launcher assembly and then mate it.

While inserting, your cursor will be intact with the part hence giving you the option to move the entity. For rotation, you can adjust the angle of the part from the panel given in the left corner. By clicking on the x y or z button. To confirm the position click on ok or just click on the design screen.

Above is a very dynamic method hence often designer doesn’t follow it, hence SolidWorks also give us the option to move or rotate the part file after inserting the part in the assembly.

The steps to rotate the part file after insertion are as follows.

  1. In the command manager you will find the option “Move component”. To move the component click on the option or else for any other operation click on the drop-down arrow.
  2. As soon as the ” Move component” is selected your cursor will turn to this icon. In the property manager, you will find the option to move the components in 4 ways.
  3. Then choose the free drag and move the component to the desired location.
  4. click ok to finalize the position.

Rotation of part 

To rotate a component click on the drop-down, and then click on “Rotate component”. Your cursor will change to

As soon as you do so same options will occur in the property manager, with three options. Click on the free drag option.

 Another method you can use is the “Moving triad” method to simultaneously rotate and move the object. Simply right-click on the component and choose the option of “moving triad”. A triad will appear for both operations.

NOTE: In a part file, you only move or rotate a sketch entity which you can do using the sketch tools. 

**Above mentioned steps are also applicable to sub-assemblies.