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Solidworks Apps for Kids introduces children aged four to fourteen to the thrill of imagining and designing their own creations. A set of apps breaks down the design process into bite-sized tools for creating, styling, designing, and engineering a concept before presenting and sharing it with others. The apps are designed for primary school-aged children. They are a way to introduce children to the fundamentals of 3D design work before they enter secondary school and are exposed to the full Solidworks Education Edition.

What is SolidWorks for Kids?


Solidworks for Kids is an ecosystem of apps that breaks down the design and engineering process into pieces for fun and easy creation, styling, design, and expression of creativity. It is a free app collection that makes many aspects of the engineering process accessible to children as young as four. Apps for Kids is organized to assist children in thinking through the design process: gathering information, defining the problem, developing ideas, prototyping, and testing solutions. Solidworks Apps for Kids is a great way to teach and engage children in design and mechanics or simply inspire creativity. These apps aim to inspire children’s imaginations by allowing them to try something new and learn hands-on. Each app takes children on a different route through the creative process. Capture It will enable children to search for and save inspiration, which is an essential step in any design process. They can add photos, draw images, and create project idea boards. Once users have decided what they want to make, they can use Shape It to bring their ideas to life. This app is similar to 3D modeling software but more user-friendly for children.

The web-based app collection is accessible via the Solidworks Apps for Kids website, where kids can access all of the apps, share their creations, and learn how to use each app via the video gallery. SolidWorks examined its current portfolio and how its customers create products today to determine which apps to develop. Although each Solidworks customer is unique, many use a similar core workflow to take an idea from concept to manufacturing. Solidworks took this workflow, simplified it, and then used it as the foundation for each app in Solidworks Apps for Kids. Solidworks began with four workflow steps: ideationcreationenhancement, and production. When a child signs in to Solidworks Apps for Kids, they can view thousands of designs made and shared by other children. Children can not only create their own creations but they can also “riff” on any of the public models to create their own version. There is no documentation to assist. The goal is to allow children to use the learn-as-you-go method, such as looking at YouTube videos and templates to get ideas. The icons are simple enough for even young children to understand. There is also a community where kids can share their designs and use and modify the shared models to their liking.

How to use SolidWorks for kids?

Solidworks Applications for Kids is a collection of apps that can be used individually or in combination to capture and bring to life learner ideas. Capture ItShape ItStyle ItMech It, and Print It is among the apps available. Learning how its features work would help understand what is Solidworks for kids.

Step 1: Capture It

Kids can capture enjoyable and creative ideas by drawing, taking photos, or creating collages from images and text. Kids can capture ideas and begin a design story using pictures, video, or sound. They could also use any device to create inspiration boards, canvases, and collages.

Step 2: Shape It.

Kids can make whatever they want by pushing, pulling, or adding material. Kids can turn their imaginations into 3D creations of any shape or size. With this intuitive and simple-to-use modeling tool, a child can create anything he or she can imagine.

Step 3: Style It

After using the Capture It and Shape It features, kids can use Style It to add color, stickers, backgrounds, and other elements. They can even paint directly onto the model with this Solidworks app for kids for a more realistic finished product.

Step 4: Mech It.

Kids can make fun mechanisms to move objects or create unique spiral artwork. Tools are made more enjoyable by touch-friendly, snap-together shapes that function as if they were real.

Step 5: Show It

After capturing, shaping, styling, and mech parts, the Show-It feature allow kids to share their creations and tell a story using a fun interactive slideshow.

Step 6: Print It

Kids can use a 3D printer to print their Shape It and Style It creations, or they can print them in one of the fun paper-based project workflows. They can bring their designs to life by printing them in 2D, 3D, or one of the fun project-based formats.

The Benefits of Solidworks for Kids

The goal of Solidworks Apps for Kids was to allow Solidworks customers and other designers and engineers who have children to engage and build a bridge to share their love of design and engineering with their children and the larger young creator audience. There’s something for everyone. Although Solidworks Apps for Kids is intended for children aged 4–14, it has proven to be entertaining and exciting for children of all ages.

Many aspects of Solidworks Apps for Kids have been purposefully designed to ensure that children instinctively learn design and making concepts through play.

Teachers can use the apps to teach these design concepts in a fun and engaging way. Teachers of any subject can benefit from the ease of use and enjoyment of creation provided by Solidworks Apps for Kids to help add a new perspective on current subjects through craft and design. Solidworks Apps for Kids is the go-to place for kids to create whatever they can imagine, thanks to free access to multiple fun-packed apps in one easy-to-access location.

All apps support mouse, keyboard, and touch interactions, allowing children to enjoy Solidworks Apps for Kids on any device they choose.


Going through this post will give you an overview of what is Solidworks for Kids and how to use the features that will be beneficial to your child. If you want your child to explore design in a fun way while also learning skills for a future career, Solidworks Apps for Kids is a must-try. Click here to visit.