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How to use rib in SolidWorks?

Rib design helps structural members survive expected loads, but it has various drawbacks if not properly built. Rib design also causes stress concentration on joints and leaves back sink marks over there. A  proper rib design and construction are critical for achieving low weight, reducing surface flaws, and strengthening the design.

The main uses of the SolidWorks rib feature are designing frames, supports, covers, cabinets, long body components, bearing surfaces in gearboxes, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss the steps required to make a rib structure in SolidWorks.

  1. In the new sketch, create an L shape sketch. Here we are creating a sketch using a center rectangle and corner rectangle to make an L shape.
  2. Extrude the sketch and get a shape as shown in the isometric view.
  3. Now create a midplane using the reference plane feature.
  4. As soon as the plane is created, make an open or closed sketch for the rib.
  5. To make a rib click on the rib feature in the command manager.
  6. Then select the sketch and choose the direction.
  7. Click ok to obtain the rib structure.
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Note: If you want to make a tapered rib structure then you can also provide draft angle in the same way as done in extrude feature.

Tips: You can save time by extruding the sketch using midplane, thus saving time by not creating a reference midplane. It is so because your sketch plane itself acts as a midplane.