Home » How to use Interference Detection in SolidWorks?

SolidWorks provides us with many evaluation tools. These evaluation tools help us make an efficient design by reducing errors in geometry.  One such error is interference in any complex geometries. Interference can cause a lot of problems while we perform different operations on the geometry. In this article, we will learn about an evaluation tool called “Interference detection”. The Interference tool is present under the evaluate tab in the command manager. As shown in the picture.

If you don’t have this tab visible, click on the command manager to find it. As soon as the tabs option is visible left click on evaluate.

Once you have added the evaluate tab in the command manager simply choose the Interference Detection option, in the assembly where you want to perform the task. In this article, we will be using a Drone. To use the tool follow these steps.

  • Click on Evaluate.
  • Then click on Interference Detection.
  • Select the bodies. In this case, the whole drone is a single part.
  • Finally Click Calculate. It will take some time to calculate depending on the complexity of the assembly.
  • Once the interference is calculated you can do the following things:
    • Zoom to the selected area.
    • Isolate the given part.
    • Ignore certain interference.

The selected Interference will be highlighted as shown below.

It is a very handy tool to check any assembly. Its very simple and easy to use tool.