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What is Solidworks Manage?


When it comes to data management most of the Solidworks user base switch towards Solidworks PDM. It has been present in the market for a very long time. Therefore, many users share that experience of working with it has always had a positive response. Solidworks PDF professional helps you to centralize the storage of your files and any kind of Engineering data. Basically, it works as a safe locker to keep all your engineering information in a secure repository.

Solidworks PDM has a very essential part known as Solidworks Manage.



Solidworks Manage

All the people who have ever made use of Solidworks PDM Professional might have come across Solidworks Manage at least once. If we explain in a creative manner then there will be no denying the fact that Solidworks Manage acts as a powerful booster to the PDM system capabilities. Solidworks Manage gives the user very strong capabilities that help in enhancing many sectors. These sectors might include item management, capabilities process management, project management, intelligent report, as well as interactive dashboard introduction.


In simple words, Solidworks Manage is a complex level record-based system. Solidworks Manage represents its elements in a record. This record contains fields of information that are easily searchable. These fields are categories of elements including everything from the process, cad file, box, and project to many more. All you need to do is search for the type of record whose file you’re searching. Now here is yet another surprising and very helpful twist. In order to make things much more feasible and in sync, the Solidworks Manage storage and Solidworks PDF vault are made to connect. There is also an option to create a record in which you can mention an item without a file.


4 Pillars of Solidworks Manage

1. Project Management

Solidworks Manage makes it very feasible to keep an eye on all of your projects. This means that it enhances visibility. By keeping a complete view of all your projects you can easily manage resources, monitor status, connect project delivery, and organize plans.


2. Item Management

Solidworks Manage helps a lot in creating, comparing, and editing complete BOM files and records. It also gives you a way of keeping a record of BOMs of different products or items in an organization. Even while maintaining different BOMs, the user can still keep them in a connection with each other. Solidworks configuration records creation can be selectively as well as automatically. The union of Solidworks Manage and Solidworks CAD also helps in transferring BOM data to drawings in Solidworks.


3. Process Management

Process Management is a crucial part of any business and especially when it comes to an engineering business. With the help of Solidworks Manage, you can easily automate all of your complex business processes. This helps ensure that all the elements are working properly and all processes work exactly the same every time. Now, this has become a standard for your business. And when you are dealing with a complex, multi-level business, it is important to ensure that the outcomes of a process must be the same every time.

The standardization also helps in making sure that nothing misses and that there is the involvement of all stakeholders at the right time. In the union of Solidworks PDM and Solidworks Manage, it becomes easier to utilize processes in the latter and send PDM workflows to the already present PDM vault. Solidworks Manage helps enormously while developing a new product and in Engineering Change Management.

4. Visualization

The next best thing about Solidworks Manage is its dynamic dashboard. Along with a powerful dashboard, it also has a number of reporting tools that can extract data including resource allocation, the progress of a project, and performance quality. This is done from each and every aspect of the system. Later on, it presents the data in a very easy to understand and retain form. An interesting thing about the dashboard is that you do not need Solidworks Manage lessons to interact and view with dashboards. This allowance is given by the dashboard viewer.


Solidworks Manage Licence

Solidworks manages three different licenses which target different user bases. The first one is Solidworks Manage Professional Editor. The second is, Solidworks Manage Professional Contributor, and the last one is Solidworks Manage Professional Viewer. Let us have a clear understanding of which user base each of these targets and how are they different.

The classification and summary of all the three packages will give you a clear view of which one is perfect for you.

1. Solidworks Manage Professional Editor

This is the very basic package that Solidworks Manage offers. It is Windows-based and useful mostly for designers and engineers who are in association with Solidworks. It is not important that the designer or engineer works on Solidworks only. They can know any other design tool too. This package has all the tools and functions that Solidworks PDM Professional CAD Editor has to offer. In order to manage complex files and their relationships along with file properties, Solidworks Manage Professional Editor gives integrations that are application specific. Along with managing projects, editing, and creating BOMs, process participation and accessing reports and dashboards are also a part of it.


2. Solidworks Manage Professional Contributor

This is for people who are in need of creating project structures that include CAD components and Record components.  It is also for those who keep participating in different business processes as well as manage development projects. This package includes, just like before, all the tools and functions of Solidworks PDM Professional Contributor. Its basic target is non CAD File data authors and other files like excel, word, etc.


3. Solidworks Manage Professional Viewer

The Solidworks Manage Professional Viewer is built for users who constantly require viewing, searching, and printing documents. It also includes everything from Solidworks PDM Professional Viewer and is the perfect choice for those who constantly work with SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Manage simultaneously or even one by one. This helps users to view their dashboards, analyze project reports and also run reports.