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How to outsource CAD design for projects?


In this modern era, concepts such as outsourcing are necessary for businesses to survive. Outsourcing your CAD needs not only has its cost advantages but can let your business focus its time and effort on the actual task at hand, at your real core functions and areas. All while letting someone else worry about the rest! At the click of a button, you can have instant access to highly skilled and extremely qualified resources from around the world. You are saving on time and monetary investment while getting a quality product at the end of the rainbow.

How to choose the CAD design company to outsource your project?

There exist many options for you to outsource your CAD design. You can consider them as prospective employees from all across the world that offer a vast variety of services with staff ranging from the highly experienced to the novice. The responsibility is on you, the client, to ensure that you are prudent and well-advised when selecting an outsourcing company that best represents both you and your needs.

cad design outsource for a project

To do that, you need to shift your mindset and accept that it is you that needs to be impressed and not the other way around. The Outsourcers need to be attractive in terms of cost, service, and product. They need to draw you in. But don’t forget to keep the following in mind:


  • Ensure that your outsourced hires are experts in their field. You don’t want a barely qualified novice handling your project. The beauty of outsourced work is that there exists a sheer quantity of competition that is unseen in any other marketplace. This will lead to prices and quotes that are unrivaled in their competitiveness. Keep in mind that this will probably be the largest factor in cost when selecting a prospective outsourcing partner.
  • Respectable history and quality market reputation. There needs to be some barrier of entry for the sort of companies you would enlist. Do a bit of research, read the website, check out the previous clients. CAD software and its licenses are very costly, and many outsourcers take risks by utilizing illegal and unlicensed programs, unbeknownst to the client! Just be sure that your needs will be handled by good, quality partners that understand the legality of the industry and operate above board.
  • Good communication. This is paramount when hiring external vendors. There exist many outsourced services that will remain quiet from conception until delivery. As a client, that is the most fearful thing you could conceive. Waiting and waiting with little to no communication, only to discover the finished product is nothing you expected. Perhaps you wanted a small change, and maybe the specifications have been altered. All communication channels must be left wide open during the hired timeline, and you are paying for their time after all!
  • Discuss a budget clearly and thoroughly. Within a company or oneself, the sole passion and driving force will run thick and through its veins. Once various processes are outsourced, it is hard to ignore the fact that the main motivator for the other parties will be primarily financial in nature. Therefore, it is clear to get a quoted price and voice your monetary concerns early on in the relationship. Ensure that all involved have a clear understanding of what amount of money you would be willing to invest in your project.

right and wrong choices when outsourcing

Running through the checklist above, it is clear to see that we at mechanitec.ca are more than capable of servicing your CAD-related needs. We are flexible and dedicated outsourcing partners that hold our shared goals in the highest esteem. So what do you need to get started? We’re only a few clicks away from a quote.

What you need to send us depends on which of our many services you require. Our experts are exceptionally well trained in a plethora of CAD software ranging from SolidWorks to AutoCad to Inventor (to name a few!). We need to have complete openness between one another. We understand that it is of utmost concern that you protect your data and intellectual property, and it is assured that you can put your trust in us!

According to what we have been contracted to do will alter what it is we require from you. If it is technical drawings from 3D models or an update to legacy CAD drawings, then all previous files will be needed. Just submit these files for quick and competitive cost estimation. However, if it is an entirely new product that needs creating, we are more than happy to assist. This will also require an essential hallmark of a quality outsourcing partner: communication.

Communication is the key for CAD design outsourcing

communication is the key when ousourcing cad design

Frequent updates and quality communication is something that we at mechanitec.ca pride ourselves on. We aim to keep clients, both old and new, regularly updated on the progress of their projects, regardless of the size or scope. It is crucial at both ends of this relationship to maintain frequent and thorough branches of communication. This ensures the only surprises upon a project’s competition will be joyous!

You are not expected to pay for something you didn’t ask for. The client will never be held accountable for shoddy work. Reviewing the submitted project before acceptance is a sign of trust that is a core part of a healthy client and outsourcer relationship. The flexible team at mechanitec.ca will listen to all voiced concerns and cater to the client’s needs.


Outsourcing something as fundamental and as vital as CAD designs can be a very daunting and frightful task. As stated above, there exists a multitude of options and services for a prospective client to consider. Reading this article should quell a few of those fears. It should function as a thorough checklist to help you navigate this new and ever-shifting landscape of outsourcing partners and external vendors. I believe that it should only become more apparent that you have come to the right place for all your CAD design needs.

We at mechanitec.ca are highly qualified and trained professionals who guarantee quality work delivered in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. Click the taskbar above, jot down your email, attach a few relevant files, and we will get a suitable price proposition back to you!