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How to choose the right CAD outsourcing company?


Outsourcing is usually the right answer to most of your businesses needs. Modern technology grants us the golden opportunity to hire professionals worldwide, at competitive rates, to get the job done. All while you focus on the primary aims of your business. How to choose the right CAD outsourcing company becomes the crucial issue in helping your business get more done whenever you have a need for extra help.

However, there exists a multitude of outsourcing partners for you to choose from. A wide array of the experienced to the novice. Ranging from tiny, fresh-faced, 2-man ventures to the more established and dominant businesses that operate on a purely online medium.

Regardless, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right CAD outsourcing company.  We at Mechanitec Design can always help.

Professionalism at CAD outsourcing company


From the handful of freelancers operating together from the comfort of their own homes to the established office space with a team of experts. Professionalism is a feature that does not take any of these into consideration. It is a core part of how a business maintains operations with its clients and can be determined from the first interaction you will have with prospective external vendors.

Does their advert seem well-executed? How did you hear about them? What does the presentation of the website seem like? How formal do they appear?

It is not to say you should expect the sort of service you would receive at a traditional premiere and established businesses, do keep an open mind. Keeping the relationship formal will eradicate the awkward position of favours, excuses, and subpar work throughout your professional relationship.  

Job scope


The sort of work you require may be extremely specific. Perhaps you operate in an industry niche and require even more marginalized work from your freelancer. Maybe the combination of work you need to be done is hard to come by.

It is a certainty that the appropriate partner for you is out there. From the sheer amount of options, it can be considered a statistical surety. But the world of outsourcing is vile and too competitive. It is not unheard of having unqualified and untested vendors bidding for contracts that are far beyond their scope of capability.

The responsibility lies on you, the Client, to ensure that your selected partner is fully aware and capable of the necessary work. Especially before any time or finances have been wasted. Do not go off face-value, many of these startup companies will happily accept any work that comes along (regardless of their capability). It is also important to define expectations and job scope in terms of considering a project completed and when seeking payment.



This point cannot be stressed enough! Do your research! In this modern age, teaching yourself multiple skills can cost little to nothing. On the internet lays a wealth of knowledge that many millions of people are taking advantage of. This is truly a great thing, the masses are getting highly educated. Unfortunately, that does not mean they should be entrusted with your tasks.

Be prudent and determine whether the potential candidates have an excellent Market history, extensive and related Project experience and most importantly, appropriately Qualified.

Depending on the nature or length of your potential relationship, it is of the utmost importance that you are extremely well aware of the sort of people you plan on doing business with.

Cultural considerations

Cultural considerations

Considering a variety of agencies from across the planet are vying for the opportunity to work for you. Concepts you usually wouldn’t concern yourself with otherwise will now start to become a more pressing concern. It is well known that work ethic varies significantly between different nations and their respective workforces.

Perhaps the willingness to work overtime and meet strict deadlines is more apparent in some cultures, whereas other nations’ workers may be more open and honest throughout the client/outsourcer relationship. This potential cultural incompatibility could cause a huge divide and distrust between employer and employee and is something that should be kept in mind for fear of the service ultimately provided, lacking quality.

These Cultural considerations do extend into the more technical side of things as well, dangerously so! Differences such as standard units (Imperial or Metric), may just seem like a simple conversion. However, you’d be better entrusting your work to someone that has a genuine understanding of what capabilities and stressors the finished product will need to be dealing with. You wouldn’t want the gravity of the situation to be lost in translation! Thereafter, a comfortable understanding of various codes and regulations may be necessary. Someone well versed in ISO standards would need some forethought before undertaking work related to the comparably well known ASTM code of standards.  



When seeking to outsource your work, the chances are that you already have a pretty good idea of what you can expect to pay. You certainly have a very fixed grasp on what the maximum budget of the project would be. However, there lie many facets of how you deal with information.

Firstly, you need to understand how far that money will take you. There is a balance that you must find between cost and quality. That is not to say that the highest quality will cost you the greatest amount of money. But the age-old proverb still rings true in this new and updated marketplace:


 “You get what you pay for.”

Sure, you can cut some heavy financial corners and go for the cheapest service out there but don’t be surprised when you get subpar work and know that legal recourse will be a bit more complicated than usual (what with potentially international boundaries to consider).

Etiquette in CAD outsourcing company


Both Clients and Outsourced help will feel entitled and empowered whilst sitting many miles apart and through the safety of their computers. You must remember to maintain an aspect of civility and be reasonable when dealing with your Outsourced partners. Likewise, you should expect a similar brand of etiquette from your enlisted help.

This can be seen through many forms of interactions with one another. Communication is an important aspect that you should come to expect. The outsourcer should continuously be keeping you updated and “in the loop” with the status of your current project or any enquiries you may have. Make this a clear and essential part of your relationship before committing to anything.

Thereafter, the external vendor should respect both your time and the task you have set forth. This not only relates to dealing with deadlines but also with milestones (should you set them) and purposeful communication. As a client, you don’t want to be sitting through nonsense emails or waiting for days on end for a simple response. That lack of respect is something that you simply don’t need, and I implore you to take your business elsewhere, should this ever be the case. 

In conclusion, seeking the right CAD outsourcing company can seem like a highly daunting and complex path. In this modern era, it cannot be argued that finding a suitable External vendor is the best route forward for your needs.

Through reading the above and gathering opinions and information from elsewhere. I think it is clear to see that mechanitec.ca is more than perfectly suited to all your CAD-related tasks.