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SolidWorks is designing software. This software is used in many domains like mechanical, civil, electrical, production, etc. One of the best designing software available in the market. Using the software you can create 2D, and 3d designs, generate rendered images, make animations and apply textures. The company provides frequent updates and the annual release of newer versions is every year.

Installation of this software is fairly easy. The software occupies storage of about 20 to 30 GB. The software size is large as compared to other designing software. However, the features and versatile options are available with these options which is the reason for this large software size. There are some additional things like textures, background, Environment, etc. which can increase the size.

The user should also know the Uninstallation process. As at any stage, the user’s drive is not left with space. The user may encounter errors while using the software. So, to resolve the issues or errors uninstalling the software and again installing the software may solve the issue.

Uninstalling SolidWorks


  • Firstly, Click on the Start button.
  • In the search bar search the Control panel. You have to open the control panel.

Secondly, in the c0ntrol panel, Under programs click on Uninstall a program.

You will see all the installed applications in the next window. Select the SolidWorks version you have. Right-click on it and click on Uninstall.

The uninstallation window will come up. It will take around 2- 5 minutes depending upon the computer hardware to start the Uninstallation manager.

Thirdly, after starting the manager you will see the Summary screen under which all the installed products will be listed. Select all the products or the products which you want to uninstall.

In Advance Options click on the change. In Advance options

  1. Program files and folder,
  2. Registry entries,
  3. Data files and folders,
  4. download files and folders

options will be available select the one which you want to remove. For complete Uninstallation select all the options. Click on Back to Summary.

Finally, click on Remove Items. The uninstallation process will start.

It will take around 10 -20 minutes for the uninstallation to complete. One pop-up will come stating The uninstallation process is completed. Click on OK.

The software will be Uninstalled or removed from the software.

Even after uninstalling some files and folders are not removed from the system. To remove them we have to manually delete them by going to folder locations.

Delete all possible Residual  Folder

  • C:\SolidWorks Data(all version)
  • C:\ Program Files \Common Files \ eDrawings, Solidworks Installation Manager, SolidWorks Shared, SolidWorks Corp.
  • C:\Program Files (x86) \ Common Files\ SolidWorks Installation Manager, SolidWorks Shared, eDrawings.
  • C:\ Program Files (x86) \ SolidWorks Corp

Delete from Registry

Windows > Start > Run> then type “Regedit”

Delete the mentioned folder from the locations


  • eDrawing
  • SolidWorks
  • SW Activation
  • SolidWorks BackOffice
  • SEAC


  • HKEY_CURREN T_USER\Software\
  • KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node

Going to the locations and deleting the file and folders will completely remove the software and related files and folder. Removing the file will not create any errors in the existing folder or files. In the fresh installation, these files will be created again.