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Re-orientation of the model is necessary when using a 3D design program. This could be to view the other side, or to zoom into a component in an assembly. There are three options in SolidWorks: Modify, keyboard, and keyboard + mouse combinations. Additionally, an input device can be used to manipulate the orientation.

View – Modify


From “View” – “Modify” there are individual commands for manipulating the view, they are shown in the image below.

Zoom to fit – Fits the entire model view on screen, in its current orientation, and centers it.

Zoom to Area – Click the left mouse button to define a zoom area. SolidWorks will zoom into that location.

Zoom in/out – Zoom in or out

Rotate – Rotation in 3D based on mouse left click and drag locations.

Pan – Moves the view left, right, up or down without rotation.

Roll – Rotation of the current view about the axis normal to the monitor.

Previous view – Use this command to return to a previous view.

Keyboard Only

Alt + Left or Right Arrows – This combination will initiate a roll.

Ctrl + Arrows – Pan left, right, up or down.

Shift + Arrows – Rotate view  of the part in 90° increments.

Mouse + Keyboard

Rotate scroll wheel – zoom in or out, the zoom is dependent on the cursor location.

Scroll Wheel – Rotate view 3D

Alt + Scroll Wheel – Use this combination for roll.

Ctrl + Scroll Wheel – Pan view

Shift + Scroll Wheel – Zoom in/out. If the view is centered the position of the part remains the same.

3D Space mouse

A 3D space mouse takes some time to get used to. The knob is used to orient the view, below is a brief description of what each motion can do.

Linear movement – pan

Pressing down or  lifting up – zoom in or out

Yaw – Rotate model about axis normal to screen

Pitch – Rotate model monitor horizontal axis

Roll – Rotate model about monitor vertical axis

Inputs can occur simultaneously and allow for precise view orientation.

The base model works perfectly fine, the only complaint is that the base is too light and is prone to moving slightly.