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How to combine parts in SolidWorks?

Combining Bodies in CAD is a very major operation. The “combine” feature helps in reducing the number of bodies by making one single body for multiple bodies. In the combine feature, we have three options “Add”, “Subtract” and “intersect”.  In this article, we will look into the steps needed to use the “combine” feature. We will be using this drone as an example. Here we will combine the propeller and the rod.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to “Insert”.
  2. Click on “features”.
  3. From the feature drop-down click on “Combine”.
  4. As soon as you click on combine operation, in property manager a selection panel opens.
  5. Select the component to perform the operation.
  6. Select the add option and click on “OK” to finalize the combine operation.
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These are the simple steps that need to be followed to combine the components. Finally you can see  icon in the feature tree.